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What Can I do with X2Go?

X2Go is a terminal server software for setting up Unix-based terminal servers. X2Go falls into server and client components. On the server there are some obligatory core components (not very many!) and a variety of server add-ons and extensions.

Functionality Scope

When talking about the functionality scope of X2Go, this mainly addresses the server-side of X2Go.

Any functionality provided by the server, of course, needs its counterpart in the X2Go Client. Thus, implementing features into X2Go always is X2Go Server and X2Go Client development.

X2Go Server Base Setup

The minimal setup of an X2Go Server is the installation of the x2goserver plus the x2goserver-xsession package. X2Go Server installs out of the box and is immediately usable (session login, audio, client-side folder sharing). Any other functionality needs configuration work and possibly a server-side add-on component of X2Go.

Possible X2Go Server Add-Ons

  • X2Go Desktop Bindings for various Desktops
  • X2Go Desktop Sharing
  • X2Go Published Applications
  • X2Go Session Brokerage
  • Multi-node X2Go setups
  • Client-side Printing with X2Go

Success Stories

This section provides some success stories of companies or single users who have sucessfully deployed X2Go in their working context.

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