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Sponsoring X2Go Development

Companies who provide X2Go sessions to their staff or to their customers are welcome to request X2Go new features. Feature development can be contracted. If possible, the requested feature will become a part of the publicly available X2Go components.

Contact for Sponsors

If you or your company want(s) to sponsor X2Go development, please contact one of the official professional supporters of X2Go by E-Mail. You may then be redirected to one of the other developers, depending on the nature of your request and the skills of the developer(s). For more general sponsorship (i.e. when you don't have a particular task in mind, but just want to contribute financially), you can also contact the Open Remote Computing Association.

Features Available for Sponsoring

We have a pool of ideas that are available for sponsor partnership. View the brainstorm pool here.

Current Feature Sponsoring

In alphabetical order…

Event Sponsoring

In alphabetical order…

Companies, Institutions and Individuals sponsoring X2Go Development on a regular basis

In alphabetical order…

    • Apple Mac mini (build-server for MacOS X2Go packages and for occasional client tests and debugging) (System has been retired and replaced by's sponsoring, see below)
    • they don't know that they sponsor us, but we use Launchpad for building X2Go packages for Ubuntu
    • is sponsoring our virtual macOS build host environment until March 2021
    • (formerly XCLOUD) had kindly offered us a rebate so we can run two small virtual Macs for the price of one medium virtual Mac - for 2020, in the Covid-19 mess, we forgot to ask for that rebate. :'(
    • An EnterpriseLibre Cloud instance, hosted in Canada, for X2Go Remote Desktop/Remote Application demos at booths and presentations
  • Heinz-Markus Graesing (privately)
    • root-Server (Build system, ​Wiki hosting, backup storage)
    • various virtual servers running Linux-on-Power in Big- and Little-Endian mode, for building and testing X2Go packages on the POWER platform

Companies, Institutions and Individuals who previously sponsored X2Go Features

In alphabetical order…

    • X2Go Published Applications
    • macOS X2GoClient improvements
    • Public version of the X2Go Session Broker
    • Load balancing of X2Go Session Broker (thanks to people from Det Danske Sprog- og Litteraturselskab)
    • X2Go Session support for Remote Login Service / Unity Greeter
    • UCCS compliant WebUI for X2Go Session Broker
    • Multi-Monitor support in X2Go Client
    • GSSAPI and two-factor Google Authenticator support in X2Go Client
    • Make it possible for X2Go upstream project to provide RPMs for Fedora and EPEL, also: facilitate setup of
    • Monthly contribution to X2Go upstream maintenance
    • General PyHoca-GUI / Python X2Go development
    • X2Go Session Broker support for Python X2Go and PyHoca
    • Installable RPM packages for SUSE
    • Documentation of the MS Windows build environment of X2Go Client
    • Documentation of the X2Go Session Broker installation plus setup
    • X2Go Thin Client Environment (based on Debian squeeze+wheezy)
    • DirectRDP feature in X2Go Client (plus documentation)
    • macOS X2GoClient improvements
    • Python-based X2Go Session Broker improvements
    • Wiki/Documentation improvements
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