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Events / Workshops


Upcoming Events


  • Hack4Glarus 2023.2?
  • Tux-Tage?
  • IT-Kongress?
  • LinuxDay.AT?
  • X2Go: The Gathering/X2Go: The Spread, depending on Covid-19 situation
  • Tuebix?
  • Hack4Glarus 2023.1?
  • LinuxWochen Wien?
  • 2023-04-29 Linux-Info-Tag Augsburg
  • Pi and More/Pi and Radio?
Due to the Covid-19/Corona pandemic, some of these events, if scheduled as a real-life or hybrid event, may get cancelled or turned into purely virtual events; some possibly on short notice. Please watch this site and the individual event sites for updates.

2022-03-11 to 2022-03-12 - Chemnitzer LinuxTage (CLT), TU Chemnitz

  • Booth confirmed
  • Booth staff: Juri, Uwe, hopefully Stefan and/or Mihai
  • No talk

Past Events

  • none at the moment

Previous Years

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