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Professional X2Go Support

The companies listed below offer professional X2Go support. Companies appear in alphabetical order:

  • BAUR-ITCS UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) (Owner: Stefan Baur – current X2Go Project/Community Manager)
    • support for all X2Go components
      • support contracts with guaranteed response times
      • maintenance/bug fixing
      • feature enhancements
    • one face to the customer approach - for tasks we can't handle ourselves, we subcontract one or more of the companies below
      • only one administrative contact for the customer
      • only one invoice per billing cycle
    • experienced in dealing with Non-German/Non-European customers
    • languages spoken: English and German
  • DAS-NETZWERKTEAM (Mike Gabriel – X2Go Developer)
    • Feature development of Python X2Go & co.
    • Feature development of X2Go Server
    • Feature development of X2Go Session Broker
    • Feature development of X2Go Thin Client Environment
    • Integration of X2Go into Ubuntu
    • Packaging X2Go for your favourite Linux distribution
    • General code maintenance via regularly paid support contracts
  • (Heinz-M. Graesing – Project Founder)
    • X2Go Training and Workshops
    • Consulting
    • Best Practice Scenarios
    • X2Go Thin Client Environment Customizing
    • X2Go Deployment Automation
  • Phoca GmbH (Oleksandr Shneyder – Project Founder)
    • Feature development of X2Go Client
    • Feature development of X2Go Server
    • Company-customized development of non-default X2Go Session Brokers
    • Feature development of X2Go Thin Client Environment
    • Maintenance / development of NX (redistributed)
    • Large scale X2Go deployments
    • VcXsrv support
  • Dipl.-Inf. Ulrich Sibiller (freelance NX developer)
    • NX maintenance/bug fixing
    • NX feature enhancements
    • languages spoken: German and English

You can also support X2Go development via orca e.V., by making a donation through one of the two donation forms linked below, kindly hosted by

Or, you can make a a donation to some individual contributors that have set up PayPal and/or flattr accounts for that reason. Simply click here and select the individual you wish to make a donation to. (This page is served by a third party for technical reasons, since the wiki software cannot easily embed HTML code.)

Note: this wiki page is only editable by the wiki administrators. This is to assure that this list only contains qualified professional supporters. Please contact the X2Go Core Team if you feel you or your company should be listed here.

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