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Extended Security Release for X2Go: Saimaa Bundle Release

The X2Go project is proud to provide X2Go components in an extended security-supported bundle release called:

  • X2Go Saimaa (ESR)

X2Go Saimaa is (arguably) the 5th bundle release in the history of the X2Go project.

Our idea of a bundle release with extended security support is to provide reliability for companies/freelancers/consultants/universities who deploy X2Go in highly productive cloud environments and do not want to switch to the newer release versions or need to test and adapt to newer release versions more carefully.

X2Go Saimaa contains:

  • only core packages
    • nx-libs version 3.5.0
    • X2Go Server version 4.0.1.x
    • X2Go Client version 4.1.1.x
    • X2Go Broker version 0.0.3.x
    • Python X2Go, Pyhoca-CLI and PyHoca-GUI version 0.5.0.x

X2Go Saimaa will:

  • receive no new features
  • get minimal security updates whenever needed
  • receive no fixes for bugs
  • be supported until a yet unspecified time

Available Packages

X2Go Saimaa components have been packaged by the X2Go upstream for all supported platforms:

Please follow the usual instructions provided on the repositories start page and use the saimaa codename.

Due to the nature of only providing core packages, installations that require any non-core add-on packages will need to additionally also use the main repositories or codename and give the saimaa repositories or codename a higher precedence than the main repositories or codename. This can be provided by pinning on Debian-based systems, yum or dnf repository priorities on RedHat-based systems or zypper priorities on SUSE-based systems.

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