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X2Go: The Spread 2022 - Happy Holidays!

This is the replacement event for X2Go: The Gathering 2022, which could not take place due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Location: 100% online

Date: 2022-12-12 to 2022-12-16.

Event type: 5 days, but evening-only - starting around 20:00 CET, with one or two short talks/presentations (around 20-30 minutes each), followed by discussions, jointly working on open tasks, bugsquashing, “open coding”

Sponsorship: As this is a purely virtual event, we are not in need for event sponsors. However, X2Go could still use some more donations to cover hosting costs, so if you have a few $$$/€€€/£££ to spare, you can find our donation forms here:

Watch this space for updates.

Join us here

The orca e.V. meeting is over. If you want to, feel free to check out if maybe any coders are working on something X2Go-related tonight. :)

Event schedule

Monday, 2022-12-12

20:00 CET: X2Go's “State of the Union” Talk (Stefan)

Afterwards: “Open Coding” (i.e. working on getting the code release-ready)

Watch the recording here: - to watch via YouTube

Tuesday, 2022-12-13

Mihai showed up waaaay to late, but still presented his talk: (Lib)X2GoClient & X2Go Internals 2021/2022

A recording can be found on:

Wednesday, 2022-12-14

20:00 CET: Talk presenting X2Go's integration into Remmina (Mike & Daniel)

You can watch the recordings here:

Anyone that missed Mihai's talk on Tuesday should preferably watch it before this talk - not because they depend on each other but because we could try fit in a Q&A session for Mihai after the one for the Remmina talk.


  • Stefan will collect questions for Mike and Daniel and forward them to them via E-Mail
    • none so far :'(
  • Mihai will answer questions regarding his talk from yesterday, if there are any
    • Why are you maintaining a Windows VM for building the Windows packages but at the same time try to make rpm and mock work on Debian instead of using a Centos/Rocky/Alma/Fedora VM or container? These are two opposite directions. Simply using containers with rpm based distributions would help increasing efficiency.
    • Also: As we now have MXE build support in the x2goclient code we can also simplify at least the the Windows build procedure. If Windows packaging can be done completely on Linux needs to be checked.
  • Mihai will check if KDrive, HTML5Client and NX-Libs are release-ready or if there are still any build errors that need to be fixed. Goal: Release KDrive, HTML5Client and NX-Libs, if possible - fix open issues if not
  • Juri will go through the bugtracker and do some cleanup, keeping in mind that we will need to migrate the bugs into gitlab some day (but not today)
  • Stefan will clean up the mailing list moderation queues
    • 21:04 - x2go-announcements MQ - clear of spam
    • 21:05 - x2go-bugs MQ - nothing to do, already spam-free
    • 21:07 - x2go-commits MQ - clear of spam
    • 21:08 - x2go-i18n MQ - nothing to do, already spam-free
    • 21:10 - x2go-tags MQ - clear of spam
    • 21:17 - x2go-user MQ - clear of spam, still needs unsubscribed user notifications to be sent out
    • 22:00 - x2go-dev MQ - clear of spam, still needs unsubscribed user notifications to be sent out
    • 22:31 - x2go-dev MQ - unsub'ed users notified
    • 22:35 - x2go-project MQ clear of spam and unsubscribed users notified
    • 22:44 - x2go-user MQ - unsub'ed users notified

Thursday, 2022-12-15

20:00 CET: KDrive and HTML5 Client (Alex) - watch the recording here:


  • Quick update by Mihai as to what keeps us from releasing KDrive (e.g. Debian xorg-xserver-source issue)
  • Discussion - topic: Turning Feature Requests into Donations/Bounties - Cleanup of, if Alex and Mihai are available (both have indicated that certain features/ideas/etc. need additional funding, and since we have a funding platform, we should use it.
  • Backup plan: “Open Coding” (i.e. working on getting the code release-ready)

Friday, 2022-12-16

20:00 CET: orca e.V. annual meeting (in German)

Unsorted list of topics/ideas (not final, open to suggestions)

ORCA e.V. annual meeting

  • Date: 2022-12-16
  • Time 20:00 CET/MEZ
  • Location: Online (Links will be posted here on the day of the event, probably 30 minutes before it starts)
  • We'll try to make a recording available afterwards.
  • This is the annual meeting (“Jahreshauptversammlung”) of ORCA e.V.
  • ORCA
    • stands for Open Remote Computing Association
    • has been founded at X2Go: The Gathering 2017
    • includes members of several open remote computing projects, like Arctica and FreeRDP, not only X2Go
  • We are required to have these meetings about once a year.
  • As X2Go: The Gathering/X2Go: The Spread is an event where the majority of ORCA members tends to take part in, it makes sense to hold the required annual meeting as part of the X2Go: The Gathering/X2Go: The Spread event.
  • The meeting is likely to take place on Sunday. Current orca e.V. members will be invited to this event by individual e-mail.
  • The language of this event item is German.

This event item has its own sub-agenda:

Hier ging es zum Meetingraum.

Aufzeichnung hier:

Vorläufige Agenda - Ergänzungen/Änderungen können bis zur und auch während der Versammlung per Antrag erfolgen!

Als Tagesordnung ist vorgesehen:

  1. Eröffnung
    1. Begrüßung
    2. Feststellung der Beschlussfähigkeit
    3. Festlegung des Schriftführers für diese Versammlung (muss kein Vereinsmitglied sein)
  2. Bericht der Vorstände
  3. Entlastung des Vorstandes (gesamt; im Verweigerungsfall einzeln)
  4. Bericht des Kassenwarts
  5. Entlastung des Kassenwarts
  6. Abstimmung über Höhe und Fälligkeit der Mitgliedsgebühren (Anm.: Stefan/Juri prüfen, ob bisheriger Betrag ausreichend sein sollte; spätester Einzahlungstermin 16.01.2023; Mahnung +30t.; Ausschluss weitere +30t) Hinweise dazu:
    1. Ab diesem Jahr wird es möglich sein, per Lastschrift zu bezahlen. Entsprechende Formulare werden in Kürze erstellt.
    2. Der jährliche Reminder, dass Mitgliedsgebühren aufgrund der Anerkennung der Gemeinnützigkeit unseres Vereins in Deutschland steuerlich absetzbar sind.
  7. Anträge: Aktuell liegen keine Anträge vor.
  8. (Neu)wahl des Schriftführers (bislang vakant):
    1. Kandidatenvorstellung (Bislang keine Meldungen)
    2. (wenn gewünscht) Fragerunde
    3. Wahl
  9. Sonstiges
  10. Ende
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