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X2Go: The Gathering 2020 - AKA V/RUS, the Virtual/Remote User Symposium

Status: Date and Location (save for some last-minute Covid-19 related changes) confirmed.

Date: 2020-09-18 to 2020-09-20

Location: shackspace, Ulmer Straße 255, 70327 Stuttgart-Wangen, Germany (view on Google Maps)

Why not Linuxhotel: Due to Covid-19, we have limited the registration to participants from the DACH region. Carpooling for several hours in times of Covid-19 is a bad idea, plus it doesn't really make sense to ferry the team from southern Germany to Essen and back, when all participants are native to southern Germany and/or Austria/Switzerland.

While X2Go: The Gathering is a pretty small event with usually no more than 15 participants, it has had international visitors in the past, which brings a risk of spreading Covid-19 further. As the Covid-19 pandemic will bug us until spring 2021 at the very least, we kindly ask our international participants to stay at home and join us virtually instead. Thus, we will only allow registrations from Germany, Austria, Switzerland (DACH).

If you're interested in joining us physically, please contact Stefan Baur. Note that we will not be providing accomodation this year (so if you cannot commute daily, you will have to look for a hotel/hostel room yourself), but we still need your contact info if you wish to take part in person, due to current Covid-19 health regulations. Also, you will be required to wear a non-medical everyday mask or comparable mouth and nose cover (of course, better masks like N95/KN95/FFP2/FFP3 are okay as well, as long as they do not have an exhalation valve), both when using public transport (and while waiting at the platforms/stops), as well as inside shackspace (you will likely be allowed to take the mask off while sitting at your desk, but we cannot guarantee that yet).

For joining us virtually, you can join in any time, even on short notice, no sign-up required (it would still be nice if you'd let us know in advance, so we can make sure we have sufficient server and streaming capacity).

Reaching shackspace:

Current plan is to have a hybrid event:

  • Presentations online on Friday evening
  • “Hackathon”-like in-person meeting on Saturday, continuing into Sunday morning (roughly 4 people), with a live stream
  • ORCA annual meeting on Sunday afternoon (official invitation to follow), with most of the members attending via live stream


Usually, this section would read “As always, we are open to sponsorships”, but Covid-19 changes that as well.

As this year's event is a hybrid event with minimal on-site participation, there is no need for event sponsorships.

However …, who also sponsor our cloud-based macOS build servers for 2020 - had already pledged to sponsor this event with 700 EUR (plus VAT), a 200 EUR increase over their usual X2Go event sponsorships in the previous years. Upon hearing about our change of plans, they decided to add another 300 EUR on top, so now we're at 1000 EUR (with no VAT incurring) - which we will now use to tackle the long-lasting clipboard issues in NX.

KLO Ingeniería Informática

KLO Ingeniería Informática had already made a 100 EUR donation (currently in escrow on the ORCA account) a while ago, also aimed at fixing said NX clipboard issues, so we currently have a total of 1100 EUR at our disposal for this.

Event Schedule


Friday Schedule

We will be using a Jitsi session for the presentations. The session will be live-streamed to YouTube, so please follow the presentation on YouTube to keep the load on our Jitsi server down. Links to both the Jitsi server and the YouTube livestream will be linked above, some time between 17:00h-18:00h

For Q&A, we will try to take questions via Jitsi, but also via YouTube chat and possibly IRC - we'll see how that goes. :-)

Friday is a purely virtual event

Full recording is available here - you can jump to the individual talks using the links below.

Time Slot Topic Speaker / Moderator
~18:00h Official Welcome Stefan
18:00h-18:05h today's agenda Stefan
18:05h-18:15h X2Go's State of the Union Address Stefan
18:15h-18:20h 5min break
18:20h-18:40h HTML5 Client for X2Go Mike#1 (prerecorded message due to possible scheduling conflict)
18:40h-18:50h 10min break
18:50h-19:10h libx2goclient/X2Go Plugin for Remmina Mihai
19:10h-19:20h 10min break
19:20h-20:00h Last year's changes and improvements to NX-libs Uli
20:00h-20:20h An X2Go Use Case: Computational Fluid Dynamics as a cloud service Chris Greenshields (
20:20h-20:25h 5min break
20:25h-20:45h Realtime audio compression in QVD: Benefits, implementation and challenges Vadim Troshchinskiy (QVD)
20:45h-20:55h 10min break

Saturday Schedule

For Saturday, as there are no presentations, we'll be streaming directly to YouTube. Feel free to ask questions in the YouTube chat or via IRC.

Recording can be found here

You will most likely hear us talk in German, but don't let that stop you from interrupting us and asking questions in English. We're monitoring the IRC channel #x2go on as well as the YouTube chat.

Open Coding/Bugsquashing, starting 10:00h, expected to end around 18:00h; Stefan will be in charge of the “airing out” breaks (10 minutes every 20-30 minutes) if windows cannot be left open permanently

Topic Participants
the dreaded NX Clipboard bug Uli, Stefan
X2Go connections freeze after a while on Ubuntu 20.04 when used as a server Stefan → Uli/Mihai
X2GoClient: Desktop Environment selection Mihai, Mike#2
macOS issues in X2GoClient Mihai, Mike#2
libx2goclient Mihai
review of ORCA finance report Juri, if still required
TCE on Pi Juri, maybe Stefan and Mihai
EnterpriseLibre VHost? Juri
Gitlab? Juri, but will probably require Mike#1, so → Sunday or another time
Broker Demo on Buster/LDAPS Stefan, if time permits

How to reproduce the clipboard bug on the first try


  • Windows 7 (Likely to happen with Win10 as well, but not tested yet)
  • notepad.exe (The Windows system utility one, not notepad++)
  • X2GoClient - (Nightly Build: x2goclient-
  • a preconfigured X2Go Session in PubApps mode
  • Pale Moon on the Server (Other applications that highlight a block of text upon clicking into the text field are likely affected as well)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open notepad.exe
  2. Type “Tschö” (yes, with the ampersand … but without the quotes)
  3. Press Ctrl-A
  4. Press Ctrl-C
  5. Open X2GoClient
  6. Start X2Go session
  7. Start Pale Moon in X2Go
  8. Click the URL bar
  9. Press Ctrl-V

Expected Result:

  • Clipboard content gets pasted into URL bar

Actual Result:

  • Clipboard locks up / goes out of sync

The bug does not manifest itself when the following configuration options in X2GoClient are set:

  • Options/Settings/X.Org Server Settings
    • use integrated X Server
    • check the Box “do not use PRIMARY clipboard”

Sunday Schedule

For Sunday, as there are no presentations after the ORCA meeting, we'll be streaming directly to YouTube. Feel free to ask questions in the YouTube chat or via IRC.

See the links below for the recordings.

Time Slot Topic Speaker / Moderator
10:00h-12:00h ORCA Annual Meeting, see below Stefan / Mike
12:00h-evening Open Coding/Bugsquashing - please remember to make sufficient “airing out” breaks Stefan
evening Cleaning Rage - tidy up the room - note that only one person should be in the room and windows need to be open when vacuum cleaner is being used Stefan
End of Event Official Goodbye Stefan

ORCA e.V. annual meeting

  • Date: 2020-09-20
  • Time 10:00 CEST UPDATE: Wir starten vermutlich erst gegen 11:00, aus kurzfristig aufgetretenen organisatorischen Gründen
  • Location: Online/shackspace, Ulmer Straße 255, 70327 Stuttgart - Link zum virtuellen Konferenzraum: (Versammlung beendet)
  • Komplette Aufzeichnung hier - Sprung zu den einzelnen Abschnitten über die Links unten
  • This is the annual meeting (“Jahreshauptversammlung”) of ORCA e.V.
  • ORCA
    • stands for Open Remote Computing Association
    • has been founded at X2Go: The Gathering 2017
    • includes members of several open remote computing projects, like Arctica and FreeRDP, not only X2Go
  • We are required to have these meetings about once a year.
  • As X2Go: The Gathering is an event where the majority of ORCA members tends to take part in, it makes sense to hold the required annual meeting as part of the X2Go: The Gathering event.
  • The meeting is likely to take place on Sunday. Current orca e.V. members will be invited to this event by individual e-mail.
  • The language of this event item is German.

This event item has its own sub-agenda:

  1. Eröffnung
    1. Festlegung des Schriftführers - (Anm.: muss kein Vereinsmitglied sein)
  2. Entlastung des Vorstandes (Anm.: gesamt; im Verweigerungsfall einzeln)
  3. Abstimmung über Höhe und Fälligkeit der Mitgliedsgebühren (Anm.: Stefan/Juri prüfen, ob bisheriger Betrag ausreichend sein sollte; spätester Einzahlungstermin wieder 31.10.; Mahnung 30.11.; Ausschluss 31.12.)

Core Team Members Availability Chart

            Sept 2020     Oct 2020
          Fr|18|25|      | 2| 9|
          Sa|19|26|      | 3|10|
          Su|20|27|      | 4|11|
Alex:       |  |  |      |  |  |
h1:         |N |V*|      |N |N |
Juri:       |  |N?|      |  |  |
Mike#1:     |  |  |      |  |  |
Mike#2:     |  |N |      |  |  |
Mihai:      |  |  |      |  |  | (currently no hard N's)
Stefan:     |  |  |      |  |  |
Uli:        |  |  |      |N |  |
Most likely  ^^ ^^

 * V = only via videochat

Note: October weekends should be avoided if possible; multiple issues (public holiday on first weekend, LinuxDay.AT on second weekend, general time constraints) with these.

Note for Stefan: Make sure shackspace has sufficient paper towels and disinfectant; also face masks if budget allows.

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