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X2Go: The Spread 2023 - You (K)Drive Me Krazy!

This is the replacement event for X2Go: The Gathering 2023, which could not take place due to the Covid-19 pandemic and scheduling conflicts.

Location: 100% online

Date: 2023-12-10 for the orca e.V. meeting, expect 2023-12-11 to 2023-12-15 for the actual “The Spread” event

Event type: orca e.V. meeting on Sunday at 11:00 CET, followed by 5 evenings (starting at 20:00 CET) with one or two short talks/presentations/demos per day, around 20-30 minutes each, followed by discussions, jointly working on open tasks, bug-squashing, “open coding”

Sponsorship: As this is a purely virtual event, we are not really in need for event sponsors. However, X2Go could still use some more donations, so if you have a few $$$/€€€/£££ to spare, you can find our donation forms here:

One sponsor that we didn't expect, but are happy to have, is WorkAdventure - they are providing us with a free meeting room in a 2D virtual world for this year's event (see below for instructions and a screenshot).

Watch this space for updates.

Join us here

This is where the link to the Jitsi meeting room/WorkAdventure map and the live stream(s) will be posted (probably around 10:00 CET on Sunday for orca, and around 18:00 CET Monday to Friday for X2Go).

We're still using Jitsi, like in the previous years, but this time, with a “WorkAdventure” 2D virtual world wrapped around it.

If you've never used WorkAdventure, please try to log in a little early, so you can customize your avatar (“Woka”), check your Audio and Video settings, etc.

Below is a screenshot of our virtual meeting room.

  1. The big area on the left with many chairs is the main stage for Talks/Demos/Presentations. Position your avatar there and press the space bar to join the Jitsi meeting. This meeting will likely also be streamed to YouTube and/or recorded.
  2. The area in the upper right is a “Do not Disturb” area - if you position your avatar there, audio and video is automatically blocked. This is so you don't have to sign out completely when real life requires your attention.
  3. The areas with the blue carpets ( two large ones at the bottom and nine smaller ones on the right) are all separate Jitsi rooms. These can be used to collaborate in smaller teams.
  4. Even outside of a Jitsi room area, you can still have individual conversations with other avatars (“Wokas”) - but those are limited to four participants. The Jitsi rooms are not limited, so for a larger group, just move to an area with a blue carpet and press the space bar to join the Jitsi room. There is also a “follow me” feature in the menu.
  5. If WorkAdventure doesn't work for you (no pun intended), you can join the Jitsi room directly via - but you will need to set your user name manually (in Jitsi, click the three dots in the bottom navigation bar, then click the topmost entry, which probably says “me” - and change “me” to your actual name or nickname/IRC handle)

Event schedule

Sunday, 2023-12-10

11:00 CET: annual orca e.V. meeting (see below)

Monday, 2023-12-11

20:00 CET: X2Go's “State of the Union” Talk (Stefan)


  1. “Open Coding” (i.e. bug-squashing, maybe getting a minor release out)
  2. Updating our Gitlab instance/host system (Mihai/Mike/Juri)
  3. Old Bugtracker “cleanup” (Stefan)

Tuesday, 2023-12-12

20:00 CET: KDrive Release (Mihai)

20:10 CET: Q&A

20:20 CET: (maybe) What's new in NX-libs? (Uli)

20:30 CET: Q&A


  1. “Open Coding” (i.e. bug-squashing, maybe getting a minor release out)
  2. Old Bugtracker “cleanup” (De-Spamming) (Juri, Mihai)

Wednesday, 2023-12-13

20:00 CET: Meta-Presentation: How to use X2GoClient/Xinerama and a dual-screen setup for live presentations with LibreOffice in presenter mode


  1. “Open Coding” (i.e. bug-squashing, maybe getting a minor release out)
  2. Migrating the Git Repo to Gitlab (Mike, Mihai, Juri)
  3. Knowledge Transfer: Release Management (Mihai, Mike, maybe Stefan)

Thursday, 2023-12-14

20:00 CET: (most likely) Talk/Demo: Booting X2Go-TCE-Live with iPXE in EFI and legacy mode (Stefan)


  1. “Open Coding” (i.e. bug-squashing, maybe getting a minor release out)
  2. Last cleanup in old bugtracker (Stefan, Juri)
  3. Migrating the Bugtracker to Gitlab (Mike, Juri)

Friday, 2023-12-15

20:00 CET: Talk/Discussion: 18 months of using Betterplace as a donation platform - and what we could do to improve things further (Stefan, Mike)

??:?? CET: Official Goodbye

Unsorted list of topics/ideas (not final, open to suggestions)

  1. KDrive Bug Triaging/Bug Squashing
  2. KDrive support for various distributions/platforms
  3. X2Go-TCE with KDrive support/Bookworm on various platforms
  4. HowTo-Videos in English?
    1. PubApps
    2. Jump Host
    3. RDP Proxy
  5. TBD

ORCA e.V. annual meeting

  • Date: 2023-12-10
  • Time 11:00 CET/MEZ (10:00 UTC)
  • Location: Online (Links will be posted below on the day of the event, probably 30 minutes before it starts)
  • We'll try to stream this event and/or make a recording available afterwards.
  • This is the annual meeting (“Jahreshauptversammlung”) of ORCA e.V.
  • ORCA
    • stands for Open Remote Computing Association
    • has been founded at X2Go: The Gathering 2017
    • includes members of several open remote computing projects, like Arctica and FreeRDP, not only X2Go
  • We are required to have these meetings about once a year.
  • As X2Go: The Gathering/X2Go: The Spread is an event where the majority of ORCA members tends to take part in, it makes sense to hold the required annual meeting as part of the X2Go: The Gathering/X2Go: The Spread event.
  • Current orca e.V. members have been invited to this event by individual e-mail.
  • The language of this event item is German.

This event item has its own sub-agenda:

Hier wird der Link zum Meetingraum veröffentlicht werden (ca. 30 Minuten vor Beginn).

Vorläufige Agenda - Ergänzungen/Änderungen können bis zur und auch während der Versammlung per Antrag erfolgen!

Als Tagesordnung ist vorgesehen:

  1. Eröffnung
    1. Begrüßung
    2. Feststellung der Beschlussfähigkeit
    3. Festlegung des Schriftführers für diese Versammlung (muss kein Vereinsmitglied sein)
  2. Bericht der Vorstände
  3. Entlastung des Vorstandes (gesamt; im Verweigerungsfall einzeln)
  4. Bericht des Kassenwarts
  5. Entlastung des Kassenwarts
  6. Abstimmung über Höhe und Fälligkeit der Mitgliedsgebühren. Hinweise dazu:
    1. Es ist mittlerweile möglich, per Lastschrift zu bezahlen. Entsprechende Formulare wurden den Mitgliedern in der Vergangenheit bereits übermittelt.
    2. Der jährliche Reminder, dass Mitgliedsgebühren aufgrund der Anerkennung der Gemeinnützigkeit unseres Vereins in Deutschland steuerlich absetzbar sind.
  7. Anträge: Aktuell liegen keine Anträge vor.
  8. Neuwahl des Vorstandes:
    1. Kandidatenvorstellung:
    2. (wenn gewünscht) Fragerunde
    3. Wahl
  9. Neuwahl des Kassenwarts:
    1. Kandidatenvorstellung
    2. (wenn gewünscht) Fragerunde
    3. Wahl
  10. (Neu)wahl des Schriftführers (bislang vakant):
    1. Kandidatenvorstellung
    2. (wenn gewünscht) Fragerunde
    3. Wahl
  11. Sonstiges
  12. Ende
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