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Advanced X2Go Setups

X2Go HTML5 Client

JS HTML5 version of X2Go Client is available now.

JS HTML5 version of X2Go Client is available now.

X2Go Browser Plugin

X2Go Client is also available as a browser plugin. With this plugin your web browser can be turned into an X2Go Client very easily. The session configuration can be embedded into the HTML file initiating the plugin startup.

X2Go Server Advanced

Authentication Methods

X2Go KDrive

X2Go KDrive is a kdrive X-Server based on Xephyr

X2Go Printing

X2Go Session Broker

There exist many variants of X2Go Session Brokers in productive business environments. Most of them have been programmed and deployed by Since 2013 the X2Go project is proud to offer a public X2Go Session Broker implementation that is available as tarball and through our package archives (and licensed under AGPL-3+).

Generic Information on X2Go Brokerage

Learn how to write your own X2Go Session Broker:

HowTos for the public X2Go Session Broker Implementation

The articles below explain how to install/configure/tweak the official/public X2Go Session Broker–as found here (tarball) and here (Git) and here (.deb Packages).

X2Go Thin Client Environment (TCE)

X2Go Admin Center

X2Go Admin Center is a Qt4 GUI project enabling the administration of users, groups, hosts, X2Go sessions and more (plugins) with the help of a graphical interface. It is (as of 2013-03-15) in the stage of early development.

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