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HowTo Release X2Go Components

General Steps

The prerequisite for these steps is to login to japsand as x2go-admin.

Variable Meaning
<ver> New version of the to-be-released component.
<component> Git name of the to-be-released component.
No Command Tips / Comment
cd release-manager
git clone ...
Clone repository on japsand, if it doesn't already exist.
cd <component>
git checkout master
Only necessary, if you're not already on the master branch. Check via git status.
git pull --rebase
Always make sure the repository is up-to-date.
dch -r
Make sure to explicitly use :w in vim to save the text. Otherwise, i.e., via :x, your change will not be recorded!
git diff
Make sure the output is exactly what you expect!
git commit -am 'release <ver>'
git push
git tag -s '<ver>' -m 'Upstream version <ver>'
Run this on your own machine in your checked-out, updated copy (see steps 2 to 5.) Make sure your gnupg system is set up correctly and you have default key set.
git push --tags
Run this on your own machine to push the new tag.
tarballrelease <ver> <ver>
Back on japsand
Automatically signs and checksums tarballs, dmg files etc. No manual work required.
unison X2Go-Releases.prf
Sync the current tarball directory in ~/release-manager automatically with ymir (
15 Check Jenkins Log in to with your japsand username and password. Switch to the All Releases tab in the main window. Search for the component to be released and the release branch (mostly main.) Click on that build job. On the left hand side of the updated page, click on Configure. Scroll down to the Build section. Check the jobs in Execute Shell statements. Make sure that all relevant distros and releases are covered, but exclude those not appropriate for the component or those known to fail. One failed subtask will ABORT all the other tasks.
Automatically update build-main branch.
x2go-release-announcements [<first> [<last>]]
Previous release announcements can be seen via setting first and last > 0. Set first to 0 to get the current one. Copy the text into a new mail, cut and paste the first line into the mail subject. Change appropriately. Summarize the changes. Credit and thank individual people (especially translators.) GPG-Sign and send this mail to
increment version in: .spec, VERSION
Make sure to increment the UPSTREAM version number. Revert what dhc -i did (it probably incremented the number behind x2go.) Add a descriptive message like Continue development.
git log --oneline | grep -i 'continue develop'
Check the last post-release commit for any other files that might include the version and need to be updated!
dch -i
debcommit -a
Commits the changes.
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