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The Source Code of X2Go Components

X2Go libre

X2Go is free software. Thus, we share the source code of X2Go with everyone and you are allowed to share the code with others, modify the code and also share the modified code with others. There are no limitations in using X2Go. X2Go is free (as in liberty) and will always be. This is our promise to the X2Go user community.

Getting released Source Code (Tarballs)

Download released X2Go components as source code from this URL:

Getting released and freshly brewed Source Code (X2Go Git)

The latest X2Go development can be followed on X2Go Git:

Also, every X2Go source code release can be obtained from Git. For every release we have made there is a <version> git-tag in the corresponding X2Go Git project.

Getting Source Code for X2Go Client or PyHoca-GUI for Microsoft Windows

Their source code is not available as tarballs. It is available under Windows-Specific tags (.e.g, on X2Go Git:

The 3rd-party binaries and source code are available under x2goclient-contrib and pyhoca-contrib on on X2Go Git: These 3rd-party binaries are copied by a build script.

Older 3rd-party binaries and source code are available under and respectively.

Building X2Go from Source Code

Learn how to build X2Go components from source code for DPKG (.deb format) based distributions.

For windows builds, see: x2goclient or pyhoca-gui

Licenses of X2Go

GPL licensed X2Go components

GNU General Public License (GPL): Originally, X2Go has been licensed under the GPL (mostly GPL-2(+).

AGPL licensed X2Go components

GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL): Recently, we have started switching to licensing of X2Go components under AGPL-3+.

The difference of the AGPL license compared to the GPL license is: If you offer modified versions of X2Go components as a service on the internet, then the source code of your modified version must be downloadable by the user who is using your service. Furthermore, the source code location of the modified sources must be provided via your offered service itself (e.g. a download URL in the application's ,,About“-Dialog).

Other licenses

Some X2Go components are licensed under some other license (MIT X11, BSD, etc.). Normally, these licenses are less restrictive then the GPL or AGPL. So, when using/deploying/modifying X2Go please make sure you meet the requirements of GPL/AGPL.

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