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X2Go: The Spread 2021.5

spread something special

This is the replacement event for X2Go: The Gathering 2021, which had to be cancelled due to illness of several core members.

Location: 100% online

Date: TBA, expect Mid-September 2022 to Mid-October 2022

Event type: 5 to 7 days, but evening-only - starting around 18:00 CEST, with one or two short talks/presentations (around 20-30 minutes each), followed by discussions, jointly working on open tasks, bugsquashing, “open coding”

Watch this space for updates.

A separate, virtual event called X2Go: The Spread 2022 will hopefully take place in late Q4/2022 - most likely online as well.

Why another virtual event?

We were monitoring the Covid-19 situation very closely and had hoped for a chance to host a real-life or hybrid event in early July, as the earlier forecasts (e.g. this one) seemed to indicate a low incidence by then. Sadly, once the BA.5 variant of Covid-19 took over, the forecasts had to be updated, leaving us with no other chance than to go fully virtual again, as you can see here.

What's that name all about?

As our idea of running an annual hacktrain had to be cancelled permanently back in 2014, we chose the name “X2Go: The Gathering” for the new type of annual event we hosted since then. This year, the spread of the of the Corona virus around the globe and across Germany makes it impossible for us to gather safely, which is why we are meeting virtually instead, while being physically spread out across the real world. Also, for everyone actively taking part in the event, please be prepared to show your favorite breakfast spread while on camera. ;)

Unsorted list of topics/ideas (not final, open to suggestions)

  • X2Go's “State of the Union” Talk
  • Talk presenting X2Go's integration into Remmina
  • (Lib)X2GoClient & X2Go Internals 2021
  • Turning Feature Requests into Donations/Bounties - Cleanup of
  • Release KDrive Server component
  • Current state of HTML5 Client Talk/Demo
  • Release HTML5 Client (Probably not before end of year?)
  • Current state of NX-Libs (Uli?)
  • Release new NX-Libs
  • Release X2Go-TCE-Bullseye
  • X2Go-TCE on Raspberry Pi
  • Migrate to Gitlab
  • OSUOSL POWER Systems upgrade (virtual hardware as well as software)
  • X2Go Broker Demo Environment/LDAPS
  • Fixing some IPv6 and Tor oddities in the client
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