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X2Go Admin Server and CipUX

One installation target of the X2Go Admin Server part of X2Go Admin Center/Server is Debian Edu/Skolelinux's tjener (Debian lenny). An already configured and running instance of CipUX is required on the main server.

On the client from which the GUI is used a Debian squeeze system is required for the X2Go Admin Center GUI (Windows targets should work too).

:!: Don't use it in productive environments.

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X2Go Admin Center/Server is available via X2Go Git:;a=summary

Installation (Version depending on CipUX)

Server Part

perl: Frontier::RPC2
Config::Simple (f.e: apt-get install libconfig-simple-perl)

x2gorpcserver.cgi -> /usr/lib/cgi-bin
x2goadmiserver -> /etc/x2go
*.pm -> /usr/lib/x2go

Client Part (GUI)


cd x2goadmincenter && qmake-qt4 && make

Client Part Plugins

User Administration
cd modules/x2gouseradmingui && qmake-qt4 && make
Group Administration
cd modules/x2gogroupadmingui && qmake-qt4 && make

Client Part Configuration

You'll have to enter a valid URL poiting towards the Server Part of the x2goadmincenter package inside the GUI application:

FIXME (broken image)

The checkbox “admin mode” will switch between user and admin mode.

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