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5th ΞX2Go Development Meeting

Who is taking part?

  • [all]h1, Mike#1, Mike#2, Mihai, Stefan, Alex


  • In favour of our bug list, “research” topics will be part of the next meeting again


  • [mihai]Status of "japsand"
    • [mihai]New hardware of our buildserver
    • [mihai]"japsand" now running jessie
  • [h1]What are the most annoying Bugs of X2Go (public-opinion poll)?
    • [stefan]Connection loss with session getting killed (no reconnect possible),
    • [stefan]Clipboard (Bug #952) and
    • [stefan]Shadowing Issues on Windows(?) Operating Systems (Bugs #844, #846, #847, #848, #849, #850)
    • [mihai]Mac Client - pulseaudio implementation (Work in Progess by Mihai)


  • Roadmap to to a new Client Release
  • I18N incomplete - improvements for the internationalizations team needed - workflow description, technical description
  • Topics for our next developer meeting

Out-of-band Topic

  • [orkun?]Pardus National Operating System Distribution offers help to X2Go

Raw Chat Log

(12:54:07) Das Thema für #x2go ist: X2Go is a suite to build Linux based terminal farms. The channel's language is English. For further info on X2Go please visit:
(12:54:07) Das Thema für #x2go gesetzt von MeinNameIstRetro um 22:59:11 auf 24.06.2015
(12:54:18) h1Org1: Hi...
(12:54:42) Stefan Baur: hi @ the usual suspects ;)
(12:56:02) Modus (+o MeinNameIstRetro) von ChanServ
(12:59:35) Mike#1: Hi!
(13:00:08) Stefan Baur: ready when you are, h1Org1 ;)
(13:00:10) Mike#1: As we have "unusual" suspects on the channel, I'd say we do an introduction round.
(13:00:26) h1Org1: ok... 
(13:00:41) Mike#1: sunweaver, Mike Gabriel, Debian Developer, Arctica and former X2Go dev
(13:00:43) h1Org1: then let's begin with a few notes about what wil happen:
(13:00:51) h1Org1: then about the people...
(13:00:55) Mike#1: ack.
(13:00:57) h1Org1: Development Meeting 1/2016
(13:01:03) h1Org1: Please respect that this chatroom will be used as conference room for the next hour and make sure that this communication will not be disturbed by any questions until the meeting is over!
(13:01:12) Stefan Baur: MeinNameIstRetro - current project/community manager, lead evangelist, event organizer
(13:01:17) h1Org1: For our participants: please make sure that a statement/post of a person won't be interrupted! There will be one active spokesman at once and he will tell when his post will be completed (EOS - End Of Statement).
(13:01:25) h1Org1: This will be our TOC today: 
(13:01:31) h1Org1:
(13:01:37) h1Org1: The chatlog of this meeting will be available on the same page after the meeting 
(13:02:17) Jappe [~Jeppe@] hat den Raum betreten.
(13:02:28) Alex [] hat den Raum betreten.
(13:02:31) h1Org1: MeinNameIstRetro: has started to introduce himself - so ...
(13:02:34) Kjetil Fleten hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Ping timeout: 264 seconds).
(13:02:54) ***h1Org1 is one of the two founder of X2Go and I'll be your host today
(13:02:57) Alex: Hi guys
(13:03:12) h1Org1: Alex|2: wuld introduce you person?
(13:03:16) h1Org1: would
(13:03:34) Jeppe hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds).
(13:04:00) Alex: I'm Alex :)
(13:04:38) Stefan Baur: *ahem* Alex is the other half of the co-founder team ;)
(13:04:58) h1Org1: MeinNameIstRetro: is Ionic online?
(13:05:24) h1Org1: MeinNameIstRetro: if not, please introduce our team to the public please... 
(13:05:38) Stefan Baur: he is online, yes. just poked him
(13:06:09) h1Org1: by the way: to save some time ->  
(13:06:09) h1Org1: In favour of our bug list, “research” topics will be part of the next meeting
(13:06:15) Mihai Moldovan: I'm Mihai Moldovan, responsible for the repositories, scrubbing the mailing list, coordinating technical aspects, developing on most components with unfortunately too little time atm
(13:06:30) Alex: I have at the time a tel. conf. with customer, so I won't be available all time :( sorry. But I'll try to participate as much as I can
(13:06:39) Stefan Baur: mikedep333: are you around yet? :)
(13:06:53) Mike#2: mikedep333/Mike#2: X2Go Client for Windows maintainer. I also fix various integration issues in X2Go Server. I am a new Fedora contributor also.
(13:07:17) Mike#1: mikedep333: congrats!
(13:07:22) Stefan Baur: \o/
(13:07:22) Mike#1: upload status?
(13:07:29) Mike#2: thanks
(13:07:41) Mihai Moldovan: upload?
(13:07:47) Mike#2: yes, but we do not upload binaries. We push git branches and submit as updates.
(13:08:01) h1Org1: Ionic: has had a sysop / devop task some weeks ago too - maybe you you've missed our page, wiki and buildserver... here is the story
(13:08:04) Mike#2: I am a cygwin package maintainer too.
(13:08:09) h1Org1: oh sorry...
(13:09:14) h1Org1: I'm thankfull for all this help making this project available and alive! thany you so much guys!
(13:09:59) h1Org1: and I don't want to forget any helping hand not mentioned in the last lines, so again: thank you all!
(13:10:07) Mihai Moldovan: speaking of which, I should update the kernel again now...
(13:10:19) h1Org1: ok... Ionic: would it be Ok to start wirh our first topic - japsand?
Intensity Ionic iserantes 
(13:10:28) Stefan Baur: after the meeting, please, Ionic
(13:10:44) Mihai Moldovan: yeah, sure
(13:11:30) Stefan Baur: Ionic: Will you give us a quick run-down of what's happened re:japsand?
(13:11:52) Mihai Moldovan: long story short: I was sick of constant I/O issues, leading to builds take 5 times or more longer than usually, so set out to have the hardware exchanged with the help of our ISP
(13:12:20) Kjetil Fleten [~Thunderbi@] hat den Raum betreten.
(13:13:10) Mihai Moldovan: also, we were still running debian wheezy (oldstable), so while at it I also took the time to update the machine to the current stable version, jessie
(13:13:40) h1Org1: Ionic: are there any available informations yet about our NIC issue? You've changed OS and kernel, so there might be a chance that this issue will be gone...?!
(13:14:01) Mihai Moldovan: oh, yeah, well, we're back on the in-kernel driver and I haven't seen issues so far
(13:14:23) Stefan Baur: sounds great
(13:14:30) Mihai Moldovan: did you come around running a stresstest with another hetzner box?
(13:15:57) h1Org1: Ionic: not yet - we should meet online to have a look on that topic...
(13:16:15) h1Org1: Ionic: maybe later todayß
(13:16:18) h1Org1: ?
(13:16:30) Mihai Moldovan: either that or I can do that myself using my vserver
(13:16:55) Mihai Moldovan: not sure how hetzner bills traffic with that one, but I guess internal traffic is free as well
(13:17:09) ***h1Org1 and Ionic will set a date for the stress-test and keep you onle!
(13:17:10) Mihai Moldovan: I'll be moving to bed after this meeting
(13:17:29) h1Org1: ok... we'll find a date...
(13:17:49) h1Org1: so... I would move towards the next topic... BUGS!!!
(13:17:58) Stefan Baur: Thank you.
(13:18:02) h1Org1: ...and thank you again Ionic!!!
(13:18:08) h1Org1: Bugs are annoying. And we have a great nummer of bugs in our buglist... But what are the most annoying bugs for YOU? *listening*
(13:18:34) Stefan Baur: oh, and @ Ionic - before you run your tests, please post an announcement to x2go-project - would suck if your tests crash the wiki while someone is editing it
(13:19:02) h1Org1: please just start to write now bugnumbers, describe bugs or point us towards ressources on the net...
(13:19:28) h1Org1: MeinNameIstRetro: we'll make the date public and alter the frontpage!
(13:19:51) Stefan Baur: I'll start off with those I've listed in the wiki - we're seeing spurious session disconnects that are unresumable on wheezy with Linux-VServer, and aren't quite sure about the cause.
(13:19:57) Stefan Baur: (Nobug number yet)
(13:20:01) h1Org1: MeinNameIstRetro: has a short list of his most annoying bugs posted befor, so they are already listet on the wiki page
(13:20:09) h1Org1: Ok, go on!
(13:20:51) Mihai Moldovan: there are a lot of annoying bugs. on the OS X side, people seem to be annoyed by keyboard issues (mostly when using virtualbox or the like that probably handles keyboard input differently)
(13:21:03) Stefan Baur: Then, there's bug #952 - sometimes, it is impossible to paste something from a windows machine to the Linux server via the clipboard. Once you copy-paste something in the different direction, it starts working both ways.
(13:21:19) Mike#1: For nx-libs, I will soon start copying X2Go bugs to Github. So that we have a complete list off issues there.
(13:21:42) ncryer [~admin@2a02:810d:8ac0:b548:1e87:2cff:feb2:b6ca] hat den Raum betreten.
(13:21:45) Mike#1: Bugs on Github get close when committed to the 3.6.x branches or the 3.7.x branch.
(13:22:07) Mike#1: X2Go nx-libs bugs should e closed when cherry-picked to 3.5.x branch or once X2GO moves to using nx-libs.
(13:22:10) Stefan Baur: What's really annoying is that session shadowing is completely unusable when the supporter is using a windows machine, see Bugs #844, #846, #847, #848, #849, #850
(13:22:17) Alex hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium
(13:22:30) ncryer hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Client Quit).
(13:22:45) Mihai Moldovan: due to resizing?
(13:23:01) Stefan Baur: Ionic: Those Mac keyboard issues crop up every now and then, without a proper fix, it seems. Are we missing the root cause of the problem, maybe?
(13:23:25) ncryer [~admin@2a02:810d:8ac0:b548:1e87:2cff:feb2:b6ca] hat den Raum betreten.
(13:23:31) Stefan Baur: Ionic: No, due to mouse pointer not being visible and/or the X-Server just plain out crashing right after the connect
(13:23:34) Mihai Moldovan: MeinNameIstRetro: I guess there's no easy solution, but probably
(13:23:38) Mihai Moldovan: ah
(13:23:42) Mike#2: MeinNameIstRetro, I don't think I've seen bug #952.
(13:24:15) Stefan Baur: mikedep333: I've seen it repeatedly, though I can't reproduce it "on demand".
(13:24:22) Mike#2: As for shadowing, I haven't tested that in a long time. And I never test it before a new release.
(13:24:50) Stefan Baur: but enough about my whining - who else is having a pressing problem with X2Go?
(13:24:53) Stefan Baur: EOS
(13:26:29) Stefan Baur: no one else?
(13:27:05) h1Org1: to give you some background information: We are collecting bugs to add them to a roadmap to the next client release..
(13:27:14) Mike#1: in nxagent I see crashes and freezes when Xrendering hug anti-aliased fonts.
(13:27:41) Mike#1:
(13:28:03) Mike#1: also, I cannot run OPSI's configed webUI, because of segfaults in libXcomp.
(13:28:09) Stefan Baur: oh, sunweaver - wasn't there a bug about nested x2go failing? Did we enter that in the bugtracker and is that fixed already?
(13:28:12) Mike#1: (encountered yesterday)
(13:28:31) h1Org1: preferred bugs that can be solved with X2Go Code... a lot of issues are based on qt, gtk and other third party Code...
(13:28:33) Mike#1: neste X2Go should not be failing anymore.
(13:28:57) Mike#1: libXcomp is part of X2Go.
(13:29:03) Mike#1: nxcomp from nx-libs.
(13:29:11) Mike#1: and...
(13:29:16) Mike#1: the Xserver (nxagent) should not crash.
Mike#1 Mike#2 mikedep333 
(13:29:34) Mike#1: it maybe that the evoking application crashes, but that's not so much of our business.
(13:29:43) Mike#1: If the nxagent / x2goagent crashes, then it is.
(13:29:49) Stefan Baur: sunweaver: Regarding OPSI - Are you using the Browser Plugin or the standalone Java App?
(13:29:51) Mike#1:
(13:30:04) Mike#1: OT here... (browser plugin)
(13:32:14) Stefan Baur: sunweaver: Would be interesting to know if the Java App crashes too
(13:32:32) h1Org1: MeinNameIstRetro: I would suggest to release a "vote for bugs" wiki page to give the people some time for their bug collection an jugding 
(13:32:50) Stefan Baur: (OPSI, for the uninitiated, is a solution to deploy Windows (OS and Applications) from a Linux Server)
(13:33:24) Stefan Baur: h1Org1: we could do that, but given the low amount of feedback from the channel, I doubt we'll see a lot of votes.
(13:33:40) Mihai Moldovan: gathering "popularity" data is difficult, because users do not generally vote for stuff
(13:34:12) Mike#2: yeah, and it wouldn't be integrated with our BTS
(13:34:36) h1Org1: MeinNameIstRetro: Ay! I'll keep listening...!
(13:34:37) Mike#2: If component maintainers had time, they could tally up replies to bugs themselves.
(13:34:41) Stefan Baur: mikedep333: You're thinking of a feature to "star" an issue?
(13:35:02) Mike#2: but I do not have time to act as a component maintainer
(13:35:04) Mike#1: h1Org1: why create a separate wiki page, use severity settings on the bugs...
(13:35:05) Mike#1:;include=severity%3Aimportant
(13:35:08) Mike#2: MeinNameIstRetro, basically
(13:35:34) Mihai Moldovan: severity high (it affects me)
(13:35:37) Stefan Baur: sunweaver: Yeah, the severity feature is there, but we do need some kind of voting as a reason to raise severity.
(13:36:01) Mike#2: in terms of the windows bugs, right now the limiting factor for me is time
(13:36:17) Mike#2: I may not have all that much time to work on them from here on out.
(13:36:31) Stefan Baur: sunweaver: I do think of myself as a benevolent dictator for X2Go, but even I wouldn't go as far as simply adjusting the severity settings just because I feel like doing so.
(13:36:33) Mike#2: right now, I am working on getting an update released in terms of 3rd party dependencies
(13:36:35) Mike#2: like openssl
(13:37:46) Mike#1: MeinNameIstRetro: severity is more something objective.
(13:38:06) Mike#2: then I will try to address #927 & #906
(13:38:08) Mike#1: fails for me, fails for many, fails for all, security breach, typos...
(13:38:28) Mike#1: and I think that should be the order of handling issues.
(13:38:44) Mike#1: also, non-time consuming issues should be handled if possible.
(13:39:01) Mike#1: I will look at the various new pyhoca issues that have bee nreported.
(13:39:14) Mike#1: also, I will have a considerable amount of time to work on nx-libs.
(13:39:22) Mike#1: in the Arctica Project's context.
(13:39:33) Stefan Baur: sunweaver: There was an interesting talk at Linuxday.AT regarding time management, with the rule of thumb "if it REALLY takes only five minutes, do it now, everything else goes on the task list"
(13:39:57) Mike#1: also, people from Qindel will invest time in working on nx-libs withint the next 12 months.
(13:39:57) Mihai Moldovan: it's never just 5 minutes
(13:40:06) Mike#2: sunweaver, will you have time to backport fixes from 3.6.x top 3.5.0.x?
(13:40:18) Mike#2: assuming the fixes aren't "we rebased a whole ton of code"?
(13:40:20) Mike#1: no.
(13:40:36) Stefan Baur: Ionic: The idea was that it's not judged by the reporting person, but by the receiving person. 
(13:40:37) Mike#1: I will point Ionic to those fixes.
(13:40:43) Mike#2: pl
(13:40:44) Mike#1: Or recommend it via an X2Go bug.
(13:41:00) Mike#2: *ok
(13:41:37) Mike#1: for nx-libs the agreement is at the moment: 3.6.x maintenance on Github (ARctica Proejct), legacy support for 3.5.x on by X2Go maintainers.
(13:41:39) Mike#2: but as an x2go developer, we can make our lives a lot easier by making sure to report nx-libs bugs on github?
(13:41:48) Mike#1: indeed.
(13:41:54) Mike#2: great
(13:41:59) Stefan Baur: okay, so ... from what I've gathered so far, my "annoying bug list" was pretty much complete, with the exception being the OS X keyboard issues (thanks for the reminder, Ionic).
(13:43:56) h1Org1: sunweaver: to make a question out of the statement: is it ok for everybody to file nx-libs bugs to Github?
(13:44:06) Mike#1: yes.
(13:44:20) Mike#2: do we have to test them on 3.6.x 1st?
(13:44:26) h1Org1: what happens if nx-bugs are filed on the wrong place?
(13:44:27) Mike#1: Actually, we could transfer all open bugs from to Github (regarding nx-libs).
(13:44:56) Mihai Moldovan: h1Org1: they will have to be migrated manually, naturally
(13:44:57) Mike#1: and then use nx-libs bugs as reminders for backporting the issue, as long as 3.6.x is not released and X2Go stays at 3.5.x.
(13:45:25) h1Org1: as this is not a topic of this meeting, I'll recommend to add this on the list for our next meeting...
(13:45:34) Stefan Baur: seconded.
(13:45:40) Mike#2: actually, I should add a note that the easiest way to test nx-libs 3.6.x is with X2Go
(13:45:50) Mike#1: I will think this through and seek for a "volunteer" (outside if out group here) for transferring / cross-referencing those issues.
(13:45:52) h1Org1: time is running out, so I would follow our todays toplic list...
(13:46:00) Mike#2: (since QVD has a more complicated setup, and Arctica doesn't have a client or server released yet.)
(13:46:18) Mihai Moldovan: mikedep333: X2Go is still using 3.5.x, how would testing 3.6.x be either with X2Go?
(13:46:25) Mike#1: mikedep333: deb jessie main
(13:46:31) Mike#1: or ubuntunightly
(13:46:33) Stefan Baur: Okay, so - actually, the next item on the list is also a bug - our translations are messed up.
(13:46:35) Mike#1: or ubuntu-nightly
(13:46:46) h1Org1: Ionic: interesting question *note*
(13:47:19) Mike#2: let's continue the discussion about testing nx-libs 3.6.x with X2GO after the meeting.
(13:47:33) h1Org1: MeinNameIstRetro: you've seen not translated items on the X2GoClient! 
(13:47:38) ***Mike#1 nods.
(13:48:11) Mihai Moldovan: yeah, the translations issue is my fault because I haven't had time to update the files and make calls
(13:48:27) Stefan Baur: h1Org1: Yes, and my understanding is that the reason is that some of our translation files are out of date and we basically shipped a release without starting a call for translations first.
(13:48:28) h1Org1: MeinNameIstRetro: and the work for the i18n team isn't easy without git access
(13:48:50) h1Org1: is *andybody* from the i18n team online?
(13:48:52) Mihai Moldovan: on the other hand, I'm also postponing that volontarily because the strings are changing
(13:49:29) Stefan Baur: Ionic: If they weren't changing all of the time, we wouldn't need more than one call for translations, ever ;) 
(13:49:43) Mike#1: h1Org1: in the past, translators mailed translations (patches, .po files, .ts files) to the x2go-i18n mailing list and the i18n team leader (me, tan) applied those changes to the different Git repos.
(13:49:55) h1Org1: we should ask which tools are used (qt/vi?) and thni about how to include their work inside the roadmap 
(13:50:08) Mihai Moldovan: MeinNameIstRetro: yeah, but having stuff translated once and then right again because the string changed yet again doesn't sound too inviting either
(13:50:16) Mike#1: tools: poedit and qt-linguist.
(13:50:26) Stefan Baur: what I'd like to see rather soonish is a release with fixed translations. 
(13:50:34) Mike#1:
(13:51:09) Stefan Baur: Ionic: The situation is that the broken translations were released with in August 2015 or so - and have been bothering users ever since.
(13:51:30) h1Org1: sunweaver: I know about the tools - but we should try to listen, what those helpers need...
(13:51:32) Mike#1: what X2Go currently lacks is an X2Go-I18N team leader.
(13:51:48) Mike#1: the translators are not the problem, I guess.
(13:51:56) Mike#1: In the past they reacted +/- promptly.
(13:51:56) Stefan Baur: sunweaver: And especially one with sufficient time on their hands.
(13:52:06) Stefan Baur: sunweaver: we can't just pile everything on Mihai.
(13:52:09) Mike#1: The issue is that no one feels responsible for team leadership.
(13:52:25) ***Mike#1 agress with MeinNameIstRetro about piling on top of Ionic.
(13:53:08) h1Org1: so this topic will apear on the next developer meeting again...
(13:53:13) Stefan Baur: Ionic: what is your gut feeling regarding the next client release, when would that come out?
(13:53:41) h1Org1: we've collected a lot of items and still have one last topic to go...
(13:54:01) Mihai Moldovan: I'd personally rather wait because there weren't a lot of changes, but some justify a new release
(13:54:45) Stefan Baur: Ionic: See, my take is: If we can't agree that a new release is coming out soon (with bugfixes or new features), with soon meaning the next 4-6 weeks, we absolutely SHOULD release a with ONLY translation fixes.
(13:54:49) Mihai Moldovan: still, I'd like to take a look at the mate/xfce logout issue until then, because I think part of the problem might be x2goclient
(13:54:58) ***h1Org1 want's to know if somebody of the *Pardus National Operating System Distribution* is online?
(13:55:10) Mike#2: I mean, this is an a.b.c.d release, not an a.b.c release
(13:55:11) Mihai Moldovan: obalci was around
(13:55:18) Mike#2: it should only contain fixes, not features
(13:55:24) Mike#1: Ionic: what server-side version regarding the distro?
(13:55:30) ***Mike#1 uses MATE + Debian jessie Servers + PyHoca every day.
(13:55:53) Mihai Moldovan: sunweaver: can't remember exactly, I think it was at least some RHEL variant
(13:56:12) Mike#1: obalci: ^
(13:56:21) Stefan Baur: mikedep333: Indeed, that's what I'm saying. Fix the translations and only them, and name that, and release soon.
(13:56:35) Mihai Moldovan: sunweaver: x2goclient (or something else) seems to be getting confused by the newer versions outputting on stdout or stderr and never closing the session correctly
(13:57:10) Mike#1: ack.
(13:57:12) Mihai Moldovan: MeinNameIstRetro: yeah, no, there were a few release-worthy fixes in the mean time, so these must be incldued too
(13:57:29) Mihai Moldovan: for instance the crashing preferences window
(13:57:41) Stefan Baur: Ionic: No, they need not be - if that is what keeps us from getting a release out in time.
(13:57:48) ***Mike#1 just pinged obalci on Skype, but he may not notice.
(13:58:00) Mike#1: release often, guys.
(13:58:35) h1Org1: MeinNameIstRetro: as this chatlog will be pasted to our wiki again - let us collect the informations and turn them into wishes for the next client release.
(13:59:18) Stefan Baur: yup.
(14:00:13) Mihai Moldovan: I can make a new release, but I want to get the translations in and take a look at the logout issue
(14:00:23) Mihai Moldovan: if it's a client bug anyway
(14:00:24) h1Org1: Ok... thank you ver much for taking part !!! We should meet soon again - there is a lot of work 
(14:00:42) h1Org1: and we should meet again SOON!
(14:00:51) Stefan Baur: Ionic: You will make a call for translations, and release with fixed translations and nothing else. 
(14:01:09) Stefan Baur: Ionic: After that you can do or 4.0.6.x depending on the intrusiveness of your fixes.
(14:01:29) h1Org1: I'll offer a bunch of dates as soon as possible and MeinNameIstRetro and I will collect and publish the informations given today!
(14:01:32) Stefan Baur: h1Org1: I would suggest a meeting in approximately 4 weeks
(14:02:27) h1Org1: I have to stop here, but please feel free to dicuss chat and solve problems!!!
(14:02:48) Stefan Baur: h1Org1: are you logging via bot? Or should I take care of the log?
(14:02:59) h1Org1: so please cut here -----8<----------------

(A little extended version ...)

(14:03:35) h1Org1: *facepalm* - the bot wasn't online... what about the chatlog? :)
(14:03:44) Stefan Baur: h1Org1: I can provide it
(14:03:54) h1Org1: MeinNameIstRetro: Thank you so much!
(14:06:24) Stefan Baur: h1Org1 where should I paste it? E-Mail? Wiki? any special formatting tags?
(14:06:46) h1Org1: MeinNameIstRetro: I'll add it to our wiki page!
(14:07:22) Mihai Moldovan: tell me when you'r ready so I can power cycle the server
(14:08:05) Stefan Baur: Log has been pasted into the wiki
(14:09:18) Mihai Moldovan: anyone else?
(14:09:57) Mihai Moldovan: h1Org1: ping
(14:10:13) Mike#2: hold on
(14:10:17) Mike#2: let me shut down the VM
(14:10:20) Mike#2: japsand, right?
(14:10:37) Mihai Moldovan: yep
(14:10:55) ***Stefan Baur has to take care of a business customer now
(14:11:24) h1Org1: Ionic: chatlog ist on wiki page, I'm not logged in (japsand)
(14:11:25) Mihai Moldovan: okay, windows vm down
(14:11:30) Mike#2: ^
(14:11:50) Mihai Moldovan: rebooting
(14:12:26) Mike#2: btw, thank god for Debian backports
(14:12:34) Mike#2: I wish Ubuntu LTS releases had as good of a backports repo
(14:13:04) Mihai Moldovan: and everything's back
(14:14:28) Stefan Baur: mikedep333 - an issue Ionic had with his personal server could have been solved with Debian Snapshots (just advertising another cool Debian feature) 
(14:16:10) Mike#2: lmgt
(14:20:07) Mihai Moldovan: okay, I'll be moving to bed, night
(14:23:53) Mike#2: (shocker)
(14:24:08) Mike#2: (That Ionic would go to bed so early.)
(14:24:30) Stefan Baur: his circadian rhythm is totally messed up 
(14:24:41) Mike#2: Ack
(14:24:56) Stefan Baur: I had him answer a phone call yesterday around the same time
(14:25:15) Stefan Baur: so he's basically transitioning between day/night shifts
(14:25:15) Mike#1: who wanted to know about nx-libs 3.6.x against X2Go?
(14:25:34) Mike#2: I thought it was an ideal way to test nx-libs 3.6.x.
(14:25:42) Mike#2: someone else thought it deserved more discussion
(14:26:11) Mike#2: Ionic objected (or I misread what he said, it may not have been an objection.,)
(14:27:40) Mike#1: I have feedback from Orkun now via Skype. Something must have gone wrong.
(14:28:01) Mike#1: mikedep333: please note that 3.6.x has Ulrichs's new Xinerama approach now.
(14:28:08) Mike#1: So, X2Go Xinerama is broken.
(14:28:22) Stefan Baur: sunweaver: Time Zone fsckup maybe?
(14:28:38) Mike#1: (you can enable it server-side though, by adding "+xinerama" to the X2GO_AGENT_DEFAULT OPTIONS in /etc/x2go/x2goagent.onf
(14:29:00) Mike#1: UTC+1 vs. UTC+2 maybe.
(14:29:14) Mike#1: But yesterday,he was aware of that.
(14:30:27) Mike#2: sunweaver, oh. I didn't know that it breaks X2Go Xinerama. I thought it merely didn't work with the new features.
(14:30:35) Mike#2: ok
(14:31:12) Mike#2: might nx-libs 3.6.x support (even if it is not the "default version") be a feature for x2goserver and x2goclient
(14:34:34) Mike#1: we rescheduled the release of 3.6.x again.
(14:34:37) Mike#1: June 2016.
(14:34:47) Mike#1: We is Lee, me, Salva from Qindel.
(14:35:15) Mike#1: and surely it may have to be for of X2Go Server.
(14:35:27) Mike#1: And I'd say of X2Go Cleint 
(14:35:54) Mike#1: nowadays, you have to create and update a xinerama.conf file in the session dir on the server.
(14:36:09) Mike#1: the xinerama.conf contains the geometry of the client-side session-Xinerama setup.
(14:36:51) Mike#2: oh
(14:37:03) Mike#1: with Ulrich's approach, Xinerama is ahdnled via XRandR and directly obtains all required info from the client-side XServer (through nxproxy)
(14:37:03) Mike#2: is that a limitation of 3.6.x as it exists currently?
(14:37:19) Mike#2: or is that a limitation of 3.5.0.x currently?
(14:37:28) Mike#1: 3.5.0.x is the limiting one.
(14:37:30) Mike#1: limited one
(14:37:51) Mike#1: as it requires the client (X2GO Client) to send over the xinerama.conf at runtime. Continuously.
(14:38:13) Mike#1: With Ulrich's approach, Xinerama setup changes (XRandR updates) are handled through X11 events.
(14:38:24) Mike#1: no polling and config pushing anymore
(14:38:32) Mike#1: the only thing that you have to do...
(14:39:01) Mike#1: X2GO Client starts X2Go Session and "tells" x2gostartagent to add "+xinerama" to the x2goagent options.
(14:39:04) Mike#1: done.
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