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2023-12-10 to 2023-12-15 X2Go: The Spread 2023, online (once more, no Gathering due to Covid-19 situation)

  • Virtual event
  • Replacement event for X2Go: The Gathering 2023 - which could not take place due to Covid-19 and scheduling conflicts
  • starts off with orca e.V. annual meeting on Sunday, followed by 5 evenings of talks/presentations, demos, discussion, bug-squashing, coding, …
  • As in the previous years, there's a sub-page with all the details: Read more here...

2023-11-26 Radio free FM radio interview

2023-11-10 to 2023-11-12 Tux-Tage 2023, online

  • Virtual event
  • Talk (“X2Go - KDrive has been released - but how to try it out?” - Talk was in German) confirmed - Sunday, 2023-11-12, 12:30 CET - Watch the recording here

2023-11-09 IT-Kongress, Hochschule Neu-Ulm, Germany

  • was a real-life event
  • Talk confirmed - Stefan will be presenting the customer-driven development of X2Go-KDrive, from initial stages to release (sadly, no recording)
  • Booth confirmed
  • Booth staff: Stefan, Mihai

2023-09-30 LinuxDay.AT, Dornbirn, Austria

2023-09-15 to 2023-09-16 KieLux, Kiel, Deutschland

  • Was a hybrid event
  • Not enough local X2Go volunteers for a live booth :'(
  • Not enough topics to fill a 50 minute presentation slot (they don't offer shorter ones)/not enough time to prepare a talk :'(
  • Event took place without us, due to lack of volunteers :'(

2023-07-07 to 2023-07-09 - Hack4Glarus 2023 Summer (2023.1), Hacking Villa Diesbach, Glarus, Switzerland

  • real-life event
  • Participants: Mihai, Stefan, Juri, Naira
  • This was a Hackathon, not a “booth and talk” event
  • Juri fixed our Samsung Demo Laptop (needed a keyboard swap)
  • Juri also worked on PXE booting X2Go-TCE in an IPv6 environment
  • Mihai worked on fixing a bug regarding autocomplete with regards to X2GoClient's Session Tiles/Subfolders (Bug #1419 in our Bugtracker)
  • Stefan
    • tried using X2GoClient in direct and SSH Proxy mode via native IPv6 and in a hybrid IPv6/IPv4 environment, to find and document further bugs and issues
    • also tried to run X2Go-TCE-Live in ungleich's IPv6 environment, it still showed the same issues as last time - no working DNS resolution, even though rdnssd and resolvconf packages are installed
    • also tried to upgrade X2Go-TCE to Bookworm, with mixed results
      • Build system upgrade to Bookworm complete
      • TCE builds complete without error, but …
      • X11 won't start. :'(
      • This will need further testing/debugging
    • demo'ed the HTML5Client Beta to Nico (from H4G/Ungleich/DatacenterLight).
    • showed Mihai issues in X2GoClient that occur when a connection attempt is made via Tor (works via proxy, but not direct)

2023-07-01 Tuebix, Eberhard Karls University, Tübingen, Germany

  • real-life event
  • No official booth - booths were not part of the CfP. But we had a “remote booth” (hey, we're a remote desktop project, after all) outside - on public property, running from a mobile battery/inverter pack and a Raspberry Pi 3 with a USB LTE modem as improvised WiFi hotspot - see below for pictures.
    • Booth staff: Stefan, Mihai
    • Additional hardware support provided by: Juri
  • Talk (in German): Stefan presented the new X2Go release and the new features
    • talk details, taken from schedule page
    • You can find the “dress rehearsal” (no fancy edits, no proper background, no X2Go-themed shirt) recording here, and the slides in PDF format here.

2023-04-29 - Linux-Info-Tag Augsburg, Hochschule Augsburg, Germany

2023-04-22 Pi and More 13, Trier

  • was a real-life event
  • Event took place without us, due to lack of volunteers :'(

2023-03-11 to 2023-03-12 - Chemnitzer LinuxTage (CLT), TU Chemnitz

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