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X2Go in the Faculty of Environment, University of Leeds

For the last few years we have been using X2Go as a preferred method of remotely connecting to Linux systems in the Faculty, and this has been very successful.

The software is used a great deal by members of staff, as well as research and taught students, and has become very popular.

X2Go is primarily used to connect to a desktop session which works in the same way as if you were sitting at a computer on campus, and we have had people connecting in via X2Go from all over the world, with no real performance issues.

The computer labs within the Faculty are used heavily for teaching, so the software has been very useful for taught students, who can work on their projects remotely whenever they wish.

The X2Go software has also been useful for users of non Linux desktops on campus, who need access to Linux systems for some of their work, and for members of the Faculty who travel frequently, or work remotely a lot of the time.

As X2Go is free and open software, is well maintained, and there are clients available for multiple operating systems (which all work in the same way), it seemed like the best choice for us, and so far, it has served us well.

-Richard Rigby

Linux Systems Administrator

Faculty of Environment

University of Leeds

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