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System Administration with X2Go

Shared by Mike Gabriel, DAS-NETZWERKTEAM (Germany)

Personally, I prefer system administration using solid and pure SSH.

However, at many customers' sites I need more then a simple terminal. Testing problems in user profiles (Linux / Windows), browser behaviour behind a dedicated firewall, and many other site specific constraints and/or features can only be tested from within the customer's network.

With X2Go I can easily connect to machines (graphically) on the customer's intranet (e.g. via an SSH proxy or via VPN) and help people on the internal network.

As I normally work in a multi-tasking way (doing several things at the same time), back in 2010 my requirement was an X2Go Client application that can handle multiple sessions connected to multiple X2Go Servers at once. That demand finally lead to a first draft of the application that was shortly after named PyHoca-GUI.

The multi-session / multi-connections concept is fully embedded into the Python X2Go module, so the GUI only wraps around the X2GoClient class provided in Python X2Go. If you have a similar use case but do not like the GUI layout of PyHoca-GUI, it should be very easy to write your own Python based X2Go Client application.

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