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X2Go at Martinos Center for Medical Imaging

I am the IT manager for the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging which is a joint research center of Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Harvard HST and MIT BCS. We have over 300+ Linux workstations at users desks for our imaging analysis. Up until around 2008 users would use VNC for remote graphical access, then we started using FreeNX and more recently X2Go. The primary analysis tools are MATLAB and FreeSurfer (

-Paul Raines (

Feel free to mention us on your wiki if it's useful to you. And thank you for maintaining a very useful piece of software!

-Sam Mehl

Editor's Note: X2Go does have options for image compression, like using JPG and/or PNG. Not all image compression algorithms are lossless, and thus there may be artifacts in the images (i.e. the image displayed through X2Go may look slightly different than what it would look like on a regular X-Server screen), depending on which algorithm and which compression level you choose.

If you're using fMRI/X-Ray/Mammography/… images or similar medical imaging displayed through X2Go for clinical purposes (deciding whether a certain patient requires a surgery etc.), you should absolutely make sure that you're using a lossless compression or no compression at all, or else you might be seeing things that aren't actually there, or missing things that are there.

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