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X2Go Development

General Topics

X2Go Project Infrastructure

Tracking X2Go Development

The development of X2Go depends on your contributions. Please report X2Go issues to our bug tracker.

Read the documentation on how to report a bug first before starting to file your first bug.

Specific X2Go Development Subprojects

X2Go Test-Builds on Debian-like systems

… what's needed to build X2Go from Git for the first time if you are on Debian & co.

Info on Sanity of Tarball installers

The following X2Go components support tarball installation. If you find a reference to a release version here that has not yet been release (i.e. is not available as tarball) then this means that it will be available in the code project's next upcoming release.

Code Project Release Mechanism
x2goclient >= make/qmake
x2goserver >= make
nx-libs >= make
python-x2go >=
pyhoca-gui >=
x2gognomebindings >= automake
x2gomatebindings >= automake


X2Go Build HowTos (GNU/Linux)

… esp. apply to installation on the Linux-From-Scratch distribution.

X2Go Build HowTos (MS Windows)

X2Go Build HowTos (MacOS)

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