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Tarball releases

Note: this documentation pre-requisites that you have the sudo tool installed on your system and that you have the system privilege of becoming the Super-User root by using sudo.


People who want to install X2go from source resp. package X2go for other distributions may be interested in our tarball releases. Please visit this URL to obtain tarballs (.tar.gz):

or obtain code directly from out Git repository:

Installation from Tarball

To install an X2go project from a provided tarball release, please use the following commands:

$ tar -vzcf <x2go-tarball_version.tar.gz> .
$ cd <x2go-tarball_version>
$ make && sudo make install

By default the $PREFIX for installation is /usr/local, so basically your (e.g.) x2goclient application will be found in /usr/local/bin if the above command series finishes successfully.

NOTE: many code projects have an INSTALL file in their base project folder that contains extra instructions for the installation process.


$ cd </path/to>/<x2go-tarball_version>
$ sudo make uninstall

AGAIN NOTE: many code projects have an UNINSTALL file in their base project folder that contains extra instructions for the uninstallation process.

Code projects installable from Tarball

The following X2go projects support tarball installation. If you find a reference to a release version here that has not yet been release (i.e. is not available as tarball) then this means that it will be available in the code project's next upcoming release.

Code Project Release
x2goclient >=
x2goserver >=

See full available list

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