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i18n-Team: Non-translateable X2Go specific Phrases

Here we keep an updated list of strings that are not to be translated to any language. Please try to help with keeping this list updated, and forward any questions to the

Please take notice that the non-transeable strings are cAsE sensitive (that means that you should keep the upper and lower case exactly as in shown in this table)
Non-translateable word/phrase Comment/explanation
X2Go Project/Product/Team name
X2Go Desktop Sharing Application name
XQuartz X.Org DDX for OS X, also shorthand for the OS X package
X.Org Server Specific X.Org component
XDM X Display Manager
XDMCP X Display Manager Control Protocol (over-the-wire protocol for XDM)
RDP Remote Desktop Protocol
WINDOWS-1252 Text encoding
ISO8859-1 Text encoding
KDE K Desktop Environment
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