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Archived X2Go Packages for Raspbian GNU/Linux

Alongside with the instructions on the main Raspbian repository page, we provide a repository archive for archived X2Go Raspbian packages for deprecated Raspbian GNU/Linux releases. These are provided in the state they were in after their last successful build. This repository is not updated at all, other than when a new Raspbian GNU/Linux release version is deprecated.

Currently, there are no archived packages available.

Adding this Repository to your Package System

Adding the Repository GPG Keys

Make sure to either install the x2go-keyring file or add the GPG key as described on the main Raspbian repository page.

Adding the Actual Repository

Changing Existing Entries

If you already have the X2Go Raspbian Repository in your apt sources, the only thing you need to do is changing the repository address from to

Adding a New Repository

If this is a new installation on a fresh machine, follow these steps. Note, that these packages are completely unmaintained and bug reports will not be accepted. This also holds for security-related issues.

Please add the file x2go-archive.list to the folder /etc/apt/sources.list.d/. This can be done by using your preferred editor.

$ editor /etc/apt/sources.list.d/x2go-archive.list

Then add the Archived X2Go Packages repository (binaries and sources) as a couple of new lines (example for Raspbian jessie):

# Archived X2Go Packages Repository (release builds)
deb jessie main
# Archived X2Go Packages Repository (sources of release builds)
deb-src jessie main

# Archived X2Go Packages Repository (nightly builds)
#deb jessie heuler
# Archived X2Go Packages Repository (sources of nightly builds)
#deb-src jessie heuler

Note: If you have not got a folder /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ add the lines to /etc/apt/sources.list.

Synchronize the Newly Added or Changed Repository's Metadata

Please perform an update of your APT package database:

$ apt-get update

After the update you should be able to access the archived X2Go packages via the apt command family. As a first action you should install our x2go-keyring package and refresh the apt cache:

$ apt-get install x2go-keyring && apt-get update

Post-Addition Test

Now you can search for archived X2Go related packages that are now available for your APT system:

$ apt-cache search x2go

Congratulations, you are now able to access the archived X2Go packages. You may continue by installing x2goserver, x2goclient or pyhoca-gui or any other of the available packages.

Mirroring This Repository

The packages in this repository can be mirrored via rsync:

rsync -avP </dest/path/of/local/mirror/raspbian-archive>
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