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X2Go Roadmap

Pending X2Go Tasks/Features

We have a pool of ideas that will be started working on some time in the future. Anyone who wants to start working on those ideas is welcome to contact us via IRC or the x2go-dev mailing list.

View our brainstorm pool for X2Go here.

Active X2Go Tasks/Features

Improve Documentation

General Documentation(Everyone)
Use this wiki to provide a good documentation for X2Go
(5% of 3 months) 5%5%Priority: High

  • write man pages for scripts in $PREFIX/bin and $PREFIX/sbin (Mike → DONE)
  • improve Python API documentation (Mike → DONE)
  • rework and update Wiki pages (everyone → TODO)
  • enrol as many people as possible in helping with the docs (Mike → TODO)

Documentation of X2Go Session Handshake(Mike, ...)
Make the X2Go session handshake more transparent
(10% of 3 months) 10%10%Priority: Medium

Documentation of X2Go Session Broker(Mike)
Make X2Go Session Broker usable by site admins
(90% of 2 weeks) 90%90%Priority: High

License Change

Move over to AGPL-3+(Heinz, Oleksandr, Mike, ...)
Move from GPL-2+ to AGPL-3+ where applicable
(70% of 1-2 years) 70%70%Priority: Low

  • X2Go Client (todo)
  • X2Go Server (todo)
  • Python X2Go (done)
  • PyHoca-GUI (done)
  • PyHoca-CLI (done)
  • X2Go Session Broker (done)
  • (other X2Go components?)

X2Go Protocols

Review X2Go Session Handshake(Oleksandr, Mike, Morty, ...)
Take a closer look at problem in the session handshake
(0% of 1-2 years) 0%Priority: Low

  • Review pulseaudio (If and how to add a pulse-server running on the server and not only the client)

X2Go Server Add-Ons

X2Go Desktop Applet(Oleksandr, Mike, ...)
Provide a universal replacement for the currently available desktop bindings
(0% of 1-2 years) 0%Priority: Low

X2Go Session Broker

X2Go Session Broker integration into LightDM(Mike, ...)
Replace UCCS in LightDM's remote login by X2Go Session Broker (sponsored project)
(10% of 1 month) 10%10%Priority: high

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