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ΞX2Go Development Meetings

Upcoming ΞX2Go Development Meeting

8th ΞX2Go Development Meeting





Jan            05                  12                  19                  26                                 
Feb            02                  09                  16                  23                                 
Mar            02                  09                  16                  23                  30            
Apr                                 06                  13                  20                  27            
May            04                  11                  18                  25                                 
Jun            01                  08                  15                  22                  29            
Jul                                 06                  13                  20                  27            
Aug            03                  10                  17                  24                  31            
Sep                                 07                  14                  21                  28            
Oct            05                  12                  19                  26                                 
Nov            02                  09                  16                  23                  30            
Dec                                 07                  14                  21                  28            


We are working on a skeleton for our ΞX2Go Development Meetings. Those meetings should be used to improve communication, information about the project, and classifying feature requests and serve bugs. The speakers should make up their mind that there is an audience during the meetings. Everything they are talking about should be possible to understand by the audience. Every item/issue will need a speaker. Please feel free to place an item you want to work on on the page of the next meeting. If the amount of items/issues/topics will be to much to be finished in one meeting, please let all participants rate your topic.


News, Projects, Expert Knowledge served as “starters”. If you want to apply for a research topic on a developer meeting, please make sure that you respect the following rules:

  • keep it short
  • prepare your text - read it before
  • focus on what you want to accomplish
  • be prepared for questions
  • prevent unnecessary “product placement”
  • research means “not fixed result”


  • topics of this kind are based on the last meeting(s)
  • typically the progress of roadmap targets are shown up here
  • be prepared for questions


  • all unfinished tasks/issues/whishes that should be seen by all developers
  • the duty of the meeting will be to choose the active tasks during the time between this and the next meeting


  • IRC channel #x2go
/join #x2go
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