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11th ΞX2Go Development Meeting appointment Scheduling

Dear Developers! We are trying to arrange for another Developer Meeting. As Heinz will be completely unavailable in February, Stefan will be hosting the meeting. Please add your availability in the list below, so we can agree on a date.

doodle-11th-meeting-stefan|Stefans's offered days for the 11th-meeting (4pm UTC/17:00 CET and later)
Real name2019-02-152019-02-182019-02-202019-02-212019-02-222019-02-252019-02-262019-02-272019-02-28none
Quorum not reached: NO DevMeeting on ANY of the dates listed above! Rescheduling for March $SOON.

Find a day for the initial Online Meeting

Help us to find out, which weekday is suitable for an Online Meeting (about one hour).

Real nameMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday

And on this or these days, when do you think you can spend one hour on our meeting (GMT)?

login|Time of day AM
Real name123456789101112

login|Time of day PM
Real name123456789101112

Additional times
Mike Gabriel Tuesdays (every second week) after 4pm, Thursday (in the alternating week) afternoon until 4pm
Stefan Baur Fridays after 1pm
Michael DePaulo Saturday and Sunday: 1PM through 3AM (GMT)
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