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Gettings started (my first Session Profile)

After first Start you will see a Windows called Session Defaults. With the Register Cards

  • Session
  • Connection
  • Settings
  • Enabled file folder

Here you can choose a Session Name and a Session Symbol.


  • Host: Enter the Host IP or FQDN
  • Login: Your Login Name on the Remote Host
  • SSH Port: 22 as Default
  • RSA/DSA Key: Choose your RSA/DSA Key for Passwordless authentication

Session Choose the Display Manager on the Remote Desktop


Connection Speed Choose the Speed of your Connection, the more the Slidebar is moved towards MODEM the more compressed will be your Datastreamtowards the Server.


  • Method: Choose the Compression Method, the Default should work fine FIXME
  • Picture Quality: Choose the Quality of what ever … FIXME


  • Fullscreen: Mark to start the Session in Fullscreen Mode,see also Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Personal: Choose your spcial width ans height
  • Use whole display: For Multi Head System
  • DPI disbanding: FIXME
  • Xinerama extension: Support for two or more physical displays FIXME


  • Keyboardlayout: Choose your Keyboard Layout e.g. de
  • Keyboard: Choose your Keyboardtype e.g. pc105/de

Audio To enable mark Enable Audio support FIXME

Clientside Printer Support FIXME

Enabled file folder

Folder Path: Choose Path to Folder

  1. click add to add choosen folder
  2. click delete to delete choosen folder in List
  • Encoding: Mark to choose special file encoding
  • locale: On your locale Host
  • remote: On your remote Host
  • Use SSH Port for tunneling Filesystem throug Firewalls: FIXME

Apply your changes with OK, abort with Abort or set them to defaults with Session defaults. Now your created Session should appear on the Right Side, click it to connect to the Remote host.

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