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Events / Workshops


Upcoming Events


Due to the Covid-19/Corona pandemic, some of these events, if scheduled as a real-life or hybrid event, may get cancelled or turned into purely virtual events; some possibly on short notice. Please watch this site and the individual event sites for updates.
  • Pi and More
  • maybe LPD 2022.1 (2021-05-14) via TuxTage 22?
  • LinuxDay.AT (2022-09-24), Dornbirn, Austria
  • Tuebix
  • LinuxWochenWien (2022-06-02 to 2022-06-04), Vienna, Austria (hybrid event)
  • X2Go: The Gathering “2021.5” - we skipped 2021 due to the pandemic affecting several core team members, so hopefully we can have two “main” events in 2022 - This event will likely be called “The Spread” and take place as a 5-day, evening-only virtual event
  • X2Go: The Gathering 2022 probably in early July 2022, as current estimates (both best- and worst-case-scenarios) point to a low number of Covid-19 infections by then, so there's a chance for a real-life event, possibly outdoors.

Past Events

2022-03-27 orca e.V. annual meeting, virtual event

As a result of X2Go: The Gathering 2021 being cancelled, the orca e.V. annual meeting has become a separate event. You can find the (updated) agenda here, on the old X2Go: The Gathering 2021 wiki page.

2022-03-12 to 2022-03-13 - Chemnitzer LinuxTage (CLT), virtual event

Previous Years

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