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Using X2Go's client-side printing feature

Before you can use the client-side printing feature in X2Go, you have to make sure X2Go Printing has been configured on the server.

X2Go Client

  1. Run X2Go Client
  2. Click on Settings (the wrench icon)
  3. Select the Printing Tab
  4. Select the “Print” radio button to print from a printer or select the “View as PDF” radio button to view as a PDF. (The command 'evince' worked better for me than xpdf. xpdf wouldn't run for some reason, even after I installed it).


  1. Run PyHoca-GUI
  2. Right-click on the PyHoca icon in the desktop's system tray
  3. Select “Print Options”
  4. Configure your favourite print job output (PDF viewer, directly printing to default printer, etc.)

From within an X2Go session, simply print something (a web page, for example). The X2Go Server's print dialog box appears and it should of a Virtual X2Go Printer (the name of the printer can be arbitrary, ask you site administrator for the print queues name).

Send your print job to that Virtual X2Go Printer and wait for the print job to be processed by X2Go Client / PyHoca-GUI.

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