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2.5th ΞX2Go Development Meeting



  • Mike#2 - We need to get nx-libs out soon
    • [Alex,@Mihai,@Mike#1][✓ sunweaver, 2015-03-18]when to do new release
  • Mike#2 to Ionic - What is the status of setting up a new git hosting and issue tracking solution?
    • Yesterday, Gitlab announced that they are acquiring gitorious
    • [Mihai]get gitlab up and running => We do not need improved git hosting. But we do need a new easy-to-use/easy-to-learn bug/issue tracker. This has been discussed previously.

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Raw Chat Log

12:32:58 - Heinz: |/-\|/-\|...
12:35:01 - Heinz: Welcome to our 2 - and some digit- ΞX2Go Development Meeting 2015
12:35:06 - Heinz: again...
12:35:11 - Heinz: Please respect that this chatroom will be used as conference room for the next hour and make sure that this communication will not be disturbed by any questions until the meeting is over!
12:35:30 - Heinz: For our participants: please make sure that a statement/post of a person won't be interrupted! There will be one active spokesman at once and he will tell when his post will be completed (EOS - End Of Statement).
12:36:39 - Heinz: as there were some pms about "why meet - we have the list", I'll write some lines...
12:36:44 - Heinz: Why should we meet online and talk about development?
12:37:06 - Heinz: Because nobody can cover all input on the lists, the irc channel and the private conversation
12:37:10 - Heinz: Because at the moment there is no procedure about what features are positive rated for becomming
12:37:12 - Heinz: in mainstream maintained and supported
12:37:34 - Heinz: Because we need to show the development process to the audience, cusomers of your enterprises and anybody
12:37:36 - Heinz: interested in X2Go
12:37:54 - Heinz: Because we need a valid roadmap, known, supported and accepted by all developers!
12:38:23 - Heinz: Please remember that a new feature corrupted annother feature introduced before, so that nobody could use the
12:38:31 - Heinz: session sharing functionality for some months!
12:38:42 - Heinz: So please help to make our meetings persistant, effectiv, informative and funny!
12:38:58 - Heinz: As there is now the possibility to create the page of the next meeting in advance, anybody can make
12:39:09 - Heinz: proposals for the categories research/retrospective/planning. If they get to many,
12:39:17 - Heinz: we should use the vote plugin of dokuwiki to decide what's on the list.
12:39:28 - Heinz: Please have a look on the new content on the regarding page in our wiki:
12:39:42 - Heinz:
12:39:55 - Heinz: I'll test following software to enhance our future events if it is a proven advantage for us all:
12:40:04 - Heinz:
12:40:41 - Heinz: so sorry for this long introduction, but I think I should share my thoughts to the public instead of answering a bunch of pms
12:40:44 - Heinz: so please start where we stopped last time...
12:41:00 - Mike#2: there was a topic I wrote on the 3-5 wiki page but it was never discussed
12:41:05 - Mike#2: Fedora 19 EOL
12:41:09 - Heinz: Mike#2: Sorry for not giving you the time on the last meeting
12:41:17 - Mike#2:[]=meeting
12:41:22 - Mike#2: no problem
12:41:39 - Mike#2: more specifically
12:41:41 - Mike#2:[]=meeting#planning
12:41:56 - Heinz: Fedora 19 End of Life: January 6th, 2015
12:42:04 - Mihai: yes
12:42:23 - Mihai: basically, FC19 is not holding is us back (yet), so we can keep supporting it
12:42:23 - Heinz: How long should we maintain the builds?
12:42:26 - Mihai: (unlike rawhide)
12:42:37 - Mike#2: Mihai, yeah
12:42:48 - Mike#2: like I listed on the page, we should support it until the builds break
12:42:49 - Mihai: also, I have a personal interest in it because it's so far the only option offered by OVH for Power8 hosting (despite ubuntu)
12:43:21 - Mihai: it's also the only OS we have some experimental ppc64 packages for (manually built on a one-shot basis)
12:43:29 - Mike#2: gotcha
12:43:40 - Mike#2: so it sounds like we have agreement on this
12:44:10 - Heinz: Mihai: is there a fedora use case that isn't covered by centos?
12:44:49 - Mihai: Heinz: yes, this one specifically?
12:44:50 - Mike#2: Heinz, in general or X2Go-related?
12:45:25 - Heinz: Mike#2: what is your idea about "until it breaks"? You mean, this would be the tome to stopp increasing the version and freeze it?
12:45:32 - Mihai: (sorry, I'm editing the wiki page in-between)
12:45:56 - Mike#2: Heinz, I mean we should keep maintaining the jenkins builds until they break due to factors such as "Fedora took down their http yum repo"
12:45:59 - Mihai: Heinz: no, we keep supporting it until we'd have to backport a new package because the old one is buggy or too old
12:46:20 - Heinz: Mike#2: Mihai: on your use cases and of cause regarding the user experience - f.e. better gnome legacy support, tec...
12:46:23 - Mike#2: but if Mihai wishes to maintain it longer than that, I am OK with him doing so
12:46:53 - Mike#2: for one thing, Fedora has many more games, and therefore many more ways to test 3D
12:47:15 - Mike#2: when I was testing out the xlib workaround for GLX, this was a problem with CentOS
12:47:23 - Mike#2: (those games are not even available in EPEL)
12:47:26 - Mihai: FC19 is currently a smaller problem than FC rawhide. FC19 practically never breaks, whereas rawhides breaks often
12:48:00 - Heinz: Fedora has an increasing number or releases, but please correct me - as far ais I know no LTS version?
12:48:12 - Mihai: so it's really low maintenance intensive
12:48:19 - Mihai: this is correct
12:48:41 - Mike#2: they are accelerating their release schedule to every 6 months
12:48:44 - Mihai: fedora has a rapid release strategy and is even updating packages within one release (like the kernel)
12:48:56 - Mike#2: although their schedule is now much more predictable within releases
12:49:12 - Heinz: I totally agree with you about the time of EOL for X2Go on the regarding version, but in future we should rely our support on automated testing too...
12:49:18 - Mike#2: Mihai, you mean "upgrading packages within one release". Yes, many packages are upgraded. Others like GCC are only "updated".
12:49:26 - Mihai: the "LTS version" is basically centos and the EPEL repository
12:49:35 - Mihai: Mike#2: yes, not only "revbumping"
12:50:18 - Mihai: Heinz: if it's really automated, I don't see a problem?
12:50:25 - Heinz: @all/audiance/edevelopers: is anybody using fedora 19 (even as vm)?
12:51:13 - Mike#2: Heinz, there is one significant thing
12:51:22 - Mike#2: RHEL7/C7 is primarily based upon Fedora 19
12:51:35 - Heinz: Mihai: I don't see a problem too - but It would be a good idea to start a list / copy a list of jenkins environments to publish them on a wiki page
12:51:48 - Mike#2: so sometimes I want to compare behavior between RHEL7/C7 and Fedora by testing something under my Fedora 19 VM
12:52:03 - Heinz: maybe with an iframe on the bugtracker regarding the issues
12:52:20 - Mihai: Heinz: what do you mean by "jenkins environments"? the build commands?
12:52:32 - Heinz: just the target platforms
12:52:37 - Mihai: NB: stefan and I are actively using fedora 19 on the power8 machine
12:52:58 - Heinz: Mihai: to make it readable for anybody - what is supported at the moment...
12:53:01 - aaronr [~arussell@] hat den Raum betreten.
12:53:06 - Mike#2: for that reason, we need to compare Fedora 19 x86_64 to Fedora 19 power8
12:53:19 - Heinz: Mihai: so we do have active users - great!
12:53:30 - Mihai: Heinz: I disagree. the target platforms can be easily seen on
12:53:49 - Mike#2: so we should link to that on the wiki?
12:54:14 - Heinz: Mihai: Mike#2: it would be a good start - but you can't add a EOL date to the jenkins page...
12:54:33 - Mike#2: so then add a supplemental page on the wiki?
12:54:42 - Mihai: *we* do not EOL distros, the distro projects do
12:54:44 - Heinz: so some day a wiki page may be a better solution - for now I completly agree with you
12:54:59 - Mihai: we merely remove EOL'd distros once we decide to
12:55:20 - Heinz: Mihai: for a visiting user - this might be not fammilar
12:55:41 - Mihai: (mind you, supporting EOL'd distros is a favor, not something we do because we have to)
12:56:09 - Heinz: Mihai: nice spoken!
12:56:17 - Heinz: Alex?
12:56:53 - Mihai: visiting users should know the status of their distro themselves...
12:57:00 - Heinz: Alex: are you using fedora 19? What ist your opinion?
12:57:03 - Mike#2: ^
12:57:19 - Heinz: Mihai: users should... :)
12:57:55 - Alex: No, and no one from my customers does.
12:58:05 - Mihai: we can point it out on a wiki page, but my problem with that is that this page needs to be kept up to date. and always synchronized with the jenkin's main configuration. it's a time problem
12:58:09 - Alex: I have no experience with fedora at all....
12:58:19 - Heinz: OK, so what can be the result of that question? I don't see a big disatvantage to keep on supporting f19 as it is needed by some of us
12:58:38 - Mike#2: I suggest a "supplemental" wiki page.
12:58:50 - Heinz: Mihai: I agree with you - so we should start by the link on the jenkins page
12:58:53 - Alex: I see no pbm
12:59:02 - Mihai: this is also why I want to put up the .repo files as a read-only copy of what we have on -- to have this synchronized automatically and to not have edit it multiple times
12:59:12 - Mike#2: for example, the wiki page would state "You can view the currently supported distros under this link. These are the changes we will make soon: "
12:59:22 - Heinz: Mike#2: YoYes and augmented informations about that on a page
12:59:31 - Heinz: +1
12:59:47 - Mike#2: Mihai, about the .repo files, good idea
13:00:25 - Mihai: Mike#2: they are already in place, I've been discussing with Heinz how to embed them on the wiki recently. c.f.
13:00:34 - Mike#2: great :)
13:00:52 - Mihai: I'll have to check what to do for opensuse/suse, but that's another problem
13:01:19 - Heinz: Mihai: we'll complete this task tody, if you're awake later :)
13:01:49 - Heinz: Mihai: can you point aout about the issue(s) with suse?
13:01:55 - Mihai: (because zypper can generate .repo files by diving through a repo itself, and that seems to be the prefered solution, but I'll really have to talk to the opensuse guys and find out more details)
13:02:40 - Mihai: my browser is currently hanging, so I can't provide an URL right now...
13:02:53 - Heinz: Mihai: is Mike Kromer still on the list? Can he possible help?
13:03:18 - Mihai: I don't know him. I generally ask in #opensuse-buildservice
13:03:39 - Mihai: these people have been very helpful whenever I had suse .rpm spec file issues
13:03:49 - Mihai: < example of "zypper ar"
13:03:54 - Mike#2: ^
13:04:28 - Mihai: (this is probably for the official obs repositories, but can easily adapted to
13:06:05 - Heinz: ok,... So we keep up support on f19 until the build breaks and take care about showing visitors what is supported at the moment...
13:06:38 - Mihai: ok
13:06:59 - Heinz: regarding the .repo files we should have a solution to let them show up inside our wiki
13:07:19 - steveeJ [] hat den Raum betreten.
13:08:28 - Heinz: is it ok to close this topic for now - and is the result ok for everybody?
13:08:48 - Mihai: yep, like mentioned I've been working on that (with you specifically)
13:08:56 - Alex: (y)
13:09:14 - Mike#2: yes, ok with me
13:09:34 - Heinz: Mike#2: you asked about where to store the VCXSRV code...
13:09:57 - Mihai: Alex: sorry, I can't parse that smiley?
13:10:21 - Heinz: Mike#2: ...can you plese give a very short information about why it needs to stored somwhere else than now?
13:10:37 - Heinz: and of course - where it can be found in future...
13:10:43 - Alex: it's just for ok
13:10:51 - Mike#2: Heinz, it has already been uploaded to both github and (thanks to Mihai)
13:11:02 - Mike#2: so basically, it was hosted on solely as a personal git repo
13:11:10 - Mike#2:'s support for git is terrible
13:11:24 - Mihai: and
13:11:36 - Mike#2: for example, whenever I would try to do a merge request from branch b on my personal git repo to branch a on the upstream vcxsrv git repo, it would try to merge from branch a instead
13:11:46 - Mike#2: also, upstream is extremely unresponsive
13:11:59 - Mike#2: so after discussing it on the ML, I uploaded the repo to github here
13:12:09 - Mike#2:
13:12:16 - Mike#2: and then mihai uploaded it to
13:12:28 - Mike#2:;a=summary
13:12:35 - Mihai: caveat: the branch names differ
13:12:38 - Mike#2: I also wrote the
13:12:41 - Mike#2: ^
13:12:55 - Mihai: (I guess you'll need to rename the branches on github, if that's ok for you)
13:13:00 - Mike#2: I would also like to discuss something related to VcXsrv
13:13:08 - Mike#2: Mihai, I will try to do that soon.
13:13:57 - Heinz: VCXSRV is still the included X-Server in our installer. Are there any bad issues at the moment, that needs attention?
13:14:24 - Mike#2: Heinz, there are a number of integration bugs with nx-libs
13:14:26 - Heinz: Mike#2: please go on -
13:14:51 - Mike#2: some of those bugs include x2go client's vcxsrv window opening up full-screen instead of windowed
13:14:54 - Mike#2: title bar disappearing
13:15:20 - Mike#2: x2go client for windows has more bugs than x2goclient under Linux in general
13:15:32 - Mike#2: any questions about those issues?
13:16:31 - Mihai: kind of... are the resizing bugs also related to these issues?
13:16:33 - Heinz: Mike#2: more about the problem to get the fixes back to the upstream source
13:16:47 - Heinz: Mihai: you first!
13:17:01 - Mike#2: Mihai, possibly
13:17:11 - Mike#2: you mean like like the taskbar not resizing when you resize the window?
13:17:28 - Mihai: yep. that's been always working for me on OS X
13:17:36 - Mike#2: I haven't looked into that. But it is likely a bug in VcXsrv - nx-libs integration
13:17:52 - Mike#2: and it bugs the heck out of me
13:18:16 - Mike#2: Heinz, about the problem with upstream
13:18:17 - Mike#2: well
13:18:20 - Mike#2: I reported multiple bugs
13:18:26 - Mike#2: and submitted multiple "merge requests"
13:18:40 - Mike#2: the 1 upstream developer, marha, replied to one of those merge requests, rejecting it for a valid reason
13:18:47 - Mike#2: but he didn't formally reject it, the merge request is still open
13:18:59 - Mike#2: he hasn't replied to any other merge request or bug report at all. they are still open.
13:19:28 - Mike#2: VcXsrv is by far the most unresponsive upstream.
13:19:45 - Mike#2: if upstream does start responding, I can still push to the git repo and issue merge requests.
13:19:50 - Mike#2: or I can attach patches to bug reports
13:20:01 - Heinz: Mike#2: I thougt I heard this phrase about Xming :)
13:20:14 - Mike#2: Heinz, Xming shows more signs of life, but is proprietary
13:20:37 - Mike#2: Cygwin XWin is very responsive. but we have more integration bugs with them. So I do not intend to switch to Cygwin XWin anytime soon.
13:21:01 - Mike#2: also, initial performance testing (with gtkperf, I am packaging it for cygwin) shows that VcXsrv outperforms Cygwin XWin in numerous 2D tests
13:21:48 - Mike#2: TBH, Cygwin XWin developers will probably be our best allies/friends in maintaining VcXsrv.
13:22:14 - Mike#2: *by giving advice, sharing patches, etc
13:22:36 - Heinz: Alex: We've had contact to Xming in the past (it was GPL in my mind) and we've had used Cygwin - what do you think about the win X-Server?
13:22:40 - Mihai: yep, although they do have a valid reason to just say no
13:23:38 - Mihai: Heinz: the last GPL release of xming was 7(!) years ago
13:23:54 - Heinz: Mike#2: In my eyes VCXSRV was coping a lot of issues we had in the past... Nice to hear that the Cygwin staff would help - wow
13:24:20 - Mike#2: Heinz, yeah, they try to upstream as much as possible anyway. The upstream contributions flow into all 3 X servers for Windows.
13:24:28 - Heinz: Mihai: *fp*
13:24:29 - Alex: vcxsrv even with all bugs still the best windows X-Server for me. The guy from XMing told, that he see x2go as concurence for him. And cygwin-X has poor perfomance
13:25:05 - Mike#2: Alex, what do you mean by "concurence"?
13:25:21 - Mike#2: you mean competition?
13:25:23 - Heinz: competitor
13:25:27 - Mike#2: yeah
13:25:31 - Mihai: why would x2go be a competitor?
13:25:33 - Alex: yes, sorry
13:25:41 - Heinz: Mike#2: german phrase: Konkurrent
13:25:46 - Mike#2: we both enable you to access your Linux servers, and to do so well over a LAN
13:26:01 - Mike#2: we both enable SSH tunneling (XLaunch is available for all 3 servers to do this)
13:26:10 - Mihai: just because pure Xorg has xdmc?
13:26:25 - Alex: he don't wont to corporate any way and he is completley anti open source
13:26:25 - Mike#2: lmgt
13:26:38 - Mike#2: cooperate?
13:26:40 - Mike#2: wow
13:26:53 - Mike#2: the cygwin xwin guys said he was "strange" IIRC
13:27:01 - Mike#2: I think that was a polite way of describing what Alex said
13:27:15 - Alex: ;)
13:27:15 - Mike#2: still, he has patches posted on his site
13:27:16 - Mihai: he can't really believe that ssh -X is in any way comparable to what x2go does
13:27:30 - Mike#2: Mihai, for LANs, if you do not need audio, etc, it is comparable
13:27:45 - Mike#2: I have developers using it at work, despite my efforts to get them to switch to X2Go.
13:28:41 - Alex: any way, I don't belive that he will open the sources. And for me it's no way to include something not open source to x2go
13:28:45 - Mihai: even on a gbit ethernet connection it's laggy (due to round trip times -- each event must be passed over the wire and locks until it can be processed)
13:29:12 - Mike#2: Mihai, for uses cases like text editors, that is OK. But let's not go on about this.
13:29:19 - Mihai: ok
13:29:24 - Mihai: (to both)
13:29:34 - Mike#2: so the other topic about VcXsrv
13:29:48 - orionp [~orion@] hat den Raum betreten.
13:30:14 - Mike#2: If the Arctica devs are Ok with it, I would like to add a blurb to saying that X2Go professional support is available for VcXsrv
13:30:36 - Mike#2: I assume that Alex is the only one who would be available for professional support
13:31:14 - Mike#2: if you guys are Ok with that, I would presumably link to this page, and then you guys would update this page to state if you are available for VcXsrv professional support
13:31:17 - Mike#2:
13:31:35 - Mihai: if he wants to get his hands dirty with vcxsrv... sure
13:31:54 - Heinz: I never had a look on the GUI part of VCXSRV - which toolkit is used?
13:32:14 - Mike#2: I think it uses the native windows toolkits. And then stuff like xclock uses xlib or whatever.
13:32:33 - Heinz: Alex: as this is directly a question to you...
13:32:34 - Mike#2: XLaunch is the main GUI you are probably thinking of. I think that uses a native windows toolkit.
13:33:20 - Heinz: Mike#2: so it is based on VStudio ressources?
13:33:28 - Mike#2: yes
13:33:37 - Alex: I see no problem with it. vcxsrv is great project, I'll be glad if some one will spend money to improve it. Every one will win
13:33:42 - Mike#2: although Cygwin XWin has XLaunch which seems to have the same appearance
13:33:44 - Mike#2: also
13:33:53 - Mike#2: Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition is now out
13:33:55 - Mike#2: it is free
13:34:03 - Mike#2: acceptable use cases include open source development
13:34:05 - Mike#2: even if for profit
13:34:19 - Mike#2: it has the same features as Visual Studio 2013 Professional IIRC
13:34:44 - Mike#2: Alex, so I will talk with Arctica and then (if they say yes) update the Then you will update the wiki page. Agreed?
13:34:51 - Heinz: Mike#2: Alex: if the readme is changed, please inform upstream in advance...
13:35:11 - Mike#2: you mean the VcXsrv project?
13:35:18 - Mike#2: (on Sourceforge)
13:35:23 - Heinz: Mike#2: yes...
13:35:29 - Mike#2: ok, will do
13:35:32 - Alex: ok
13:35:33 - Heinz: Mike#2: it would be some kind of polite..
13:35:34 - Mike#2: upstream has no
13:35:39 - Heinz: :)
13:35:43 - Mike#2: I wrote it from scratch.
13:35:51 - Mike#2: but I will let them know
13:36:36 - Mike#2: that's everything I had to discuss about VcXsrv
13:36:52 - Heinz: Mike#2: maybe he's got an github account...
13:37:06 - Mike#2: Heinz, I have his email
13:37:12 - Mike#2: he replied to one merge request via email
13:37:20 - orionp [~orion@] hat den Raum betreten.
13:37:41 - Heinz: Mike#2: OK, so we can close the file "VcXsrcv" for now...
13:37:51 - Mike#2: "VcXsrv"
13:37:52 - Mike#2: btw
13:37:54 - Mike#2: it is
13:37:58 - Mike#2: "Visual C++ X Server"
13:38:01 - Heinz: and there was a good discussion about the options of Windows X-Servers...
13:38:09 - Mike#2: yeah
13:38:15 - Mike#2: also, FYI
13:38:25 - Heinz: Mike#2: is there any windows 8* issue to those X-Servers?
13:38:40 - Heinz: has anyone tried windows10 with those projects?
13:38:42 - Mike#2: the cygwin xwin devs told me that no one has ever spent any significant time optimizing Cygwin XWin code for performance.
13:38:47 - Mike#2: Heinz, I am using Windows 10 right now
13:39:03 - Mike#2: I think there is 1 windows 10 bug that affects X2Go's VcXsrv window.
13:39:10 - Mike#2: it shows up on the task bar
13:39:13 - Mike#2: but not in the alt-tab switcher
13:39:25 - Mike#2: I will write that up as a bug.
13:39:29 - Mike#2: *taskbar
13:40:15 - Mihai: as time is running out and Heinz will probably have to leave soonish, I'd like to get to the other points
13:40:28 - Mike#2: by all means
13:40:50 - Heinz: Mike#2: As I really have no clue about win10: is there still no possibility to access the squared/metro screen with conventional windows programms? what will happen on a metro only device in future?
13:41:00 - Heinz: Mihai: sorry!!!
13:41:06 - Mihai: we still need to do this nx-libs release; Alex: have you been able to take a look at the patches yet?
13:41:16 - Mihai: Heinz: don't get me wrong, but we can do this next thursday
13:41:19 - Heinz: Mike#2: thanky oyu - we should talk about this in future
13:41:27 - Heinz: so Mihai: please go on
13:41:39 - Mike#2: Heinz, let's continue this discussion via the ML
13:41:50 - Heinz: Mike#2: +1!
13:42:30 - Mihai: it would be great if we could find a date/time where heinz, mike#1, mike#2, alex and me are available for the nx-libs
13:42:33 - Mihai: release
13:42:59 * Mike#1 has joined some minutes ago.
13:42:59 - Mike#2: Mihai, I am going to be really busy over the next week or so.
13:43:17 - Mike#1: have to do stuff for a customer that's urgend and have atmost 10min.
13:43:31 * Mike#1 suggests: nx-libs release now.
13:43:33 - Alex: Yes, it looks good for me, great work!
13:43:47 - Mihai: Mike#1: can we really do this within 10 minutes?
13:44:02 - Heinz: Mihai: I can offer to query people on a wiki page...
13:44:37 - Heinz: Has anyone tested the main features?
13:45:09 - Mihai: Mike#2 didn't find any regressions, orion tested it slightly and didn't find anything either
13:45:32 - Heinz: It would be possible for me to stay 15 minutes longer - if you all whish to proceed - go for it!
13:45:50 - Heinz: can everybody stay for the process?
13:46:16 - Mike#2: yes
13:46:21 - Mihai: I do
13:46:23 - Mike#1: yes
13:46:39 - Mike#1: I have been using nx-libs from nightly builds for a while now.
13:46:46 - Mike#1: Also nx-libs 3.6.x.
13:46:58 - Mike#1: no regressions, so far.
13:47:14 - Mike#1: I'd say release.
13:48:01 - Mihai: I'm all set
13:48:19 - Heinz: I can't join the screen from here - sorry... Alex can you?
13:49:01 - Alex: sorry, I can't now
13:49:16 - Mike#1: ah...
13:49:21 - Heinz: wakeonlan never works, when you need it
13:49:38 - Mike#1: Mihai: you wanted to do the release now?
13:49:54 - Mike#1: I thought reach the consensus now and then do the actual work later.
13:50:05 - Mike#1: sorry, for misunderstanding.
13:50:06 - Mihai: Mike#1: I can, it's just a matter of whether it makes sense or not without anyone else
13:50:09 - Mihai: ah
13:50:31 - Mihai: well, the release was scheduled for early this week, that already passed
13:50:39 - Mike#1: how about tonight, 20.30h local time?
13:50:42 - Mihai: so I thought the consensus was in place already
13:50:58 - Heinz: Mike#1: this could have been a good moment, as we are all online...
13:51:42 - Mike#1: yeah, but you all should be x2go-admin@japsand.
13:51:52 - Mike#1: if that is possible, then I agree.
13:51:56 - Mike#1: if not, then postpone.
13:52:21 - Heinz: so we need to make a decision... release now [y/N]
13:52:59 - Heinz: Mike#1: if my box@home would wake up - I would be pleased to join again ...
13:53:28 - Heinz: Alex: do you wan't to share a screen session during the build process?
13:53:48 - Heinz: Alex: or is it ok to join annother build in future?
13:54:09 - Alex: I'm not available at 20:30 tonight
13:54:20 - Heinz: Alex: Mihai started to publish the process on our wiki!
13:54:33 - Alex: that's great!
13:55:06 - Mike#1: ...
13:55:08 - Mike#1: ok.
13:55:27 - Mike#1: so then, Mihai, can we meet tonight, because I am only here with half of my brain.
13:55:32 - Heinz: Mike#1: not possible for me due to The United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra
13:55:37 - Mihai: Mike#1: yes
13:55:44 - Mike#1: if noone can watch the screen session now, it makes no sense doing it now.
13:56:11 - Mihai: nobody can join in the evening either though
13:56:37 - Heinz: Ok - are there some issues still open from the last meeting, we should discuss?
13:56:48 - Mike#1: or postpone. But I'd say we do it tonight, next time others can join in.
13:57:05 - Mihai: gitlab stuff maybe for issue tracking
13:57:24 - Mihai: I wanted to set it up, but was told to hold off because there are more pressing issues
13:57:37 - Heinz: Mike#1: it would be OK for me to have it done today, but it would be great to have the possibility to join the screen session again in future!
13:57:38 - Mihai: Mike#2 would like to see an easy-to-use issue tracker
13:58:05 - Mihai: Mike#1: I'll do whatever you're up to, I'll be around
13:59:07 - Mike#2: Mihai, right, both for myself, and for (very talented) users such as HalfEatenPie who found our current BTS very hard to use.
13:59:21 - Heinz: Mihai: we should talk about the issue tracker in future... there are so many possibilities...
13:59:38 - Heinz: Mihai: we are using gitlab here..
14:00:10 - Mihai: the question, however, is also where to install this stuff: I guess the repositories have to be local, so Mike#1's box is the only place to put it, unless we migrate the repositories to japsand (single point of failure?)
14:00:18 - Heinz: Mike#2: there are more than one issue about the issue tracker - and some are not correct...
14:00:36 - Mike#1: for Gitlab I recommend a fresh VM with nothing else on it.
14:00:52 * Mike#1 just installed Gitlab for Arctica on a DO droplet.
14:00:58 - Mihai: Mike#1: do the repos have to be local?
14:01:02 - Heinz: Mihai: there are some issues about the updates too - it is not only fun to use gitlab
14:01:25 - Heinz: Mihai: mv issue_tracker /future/next_meeting
14:01:28 - Heinz: -Rv
14:02:07 - Mihai: *shrug*
14:02:11 - Mihai: Mike#2 brought it up
14:02:49 - Heinz: Mike#1: let's join our experience about gitlab and present them on the next meeting!
14:02:56 - Mike#1: yes.
14:02:56 - YoY [] hat den Raum betreten.
14:03:28 - Heinz: Ok,... the phone is ringing. Before I need to get my focus back to work...
14:04:04 - Heinz: ...please give some feedback if we can close the 2nd meeting now and proceed with the (real) 3rd on as soon as possible?
14:04:14 - Mihai: sure
14:04:35 - Heinz: I'll again doodle you on our wiki pages and will paste our log to the right page...
14:05:23 - Heinz: the next meeting will covering the issue tracker, release sharing and everything put on the list...
14:05:44 - Heinz: long as the list keeps a list and no document :)
14:06:25 - Heinz: so thank you again for joining and sharing your wisdom!
14:06:52 - Heinz: I'll close now this times meeting and hope to see you again soon!
14:06:53 - Heinz: bye!
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