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Welcome to the X2Go Wiki

Help us with our X2Go Wiki

An overview about all pages can be viewed via our Wiki's site map. A list of orphaned pages can be viewed here, a list of wiki pages with FIXME markers can be viewed here.

These are the official Wiki Pages of the X2Go terminal server project.

X2Go Wiki Signing Up

If you want to contribute content to this wiki, please apply for an account like this:

Subject: New wiki account for <first-name> <last-name>

Please create a wiki account for me.

First name: <your-first-name(s)>
Last name: <your-last-name>
Account name: <your-wiki-login>
GPG-Fingerprint: <your-gpg-fingerprint-(optional)>

The account will then be created for you within the next couple of days. If a GPG fingerprint has been provided, your initial password will be sent to you in an encrypted mail. If no GPG-fingerprint is given, we will have to find another way to provide your initial password to you.

Wiki Site Map

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