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Official X2Go Packages in GNU/Linux Distributions

Debian GNU/Linux

Official packages for Debian:

Newer / more packages for Debian provided by X2Go upstream:

Ubuntu GNU/Linux

Official packages:

  • Official X2Go packages in Ubuntu are pulled in from Debian unstable for each Ubuntu release
  • The client applications of X2Go have been available since Ubuntu 12.04 (precise) or later

Newer client versions and X2Go Server + Add-Ons are available in X2Go upstream's PPA(s) on Launchpad. The team creating and updating packages for Ubuntu and its derivates is found here:

Here's an overview of the current PPAs for Ubuntu and derivates - this list is also found on the teams Launchpad page.

Follow the instructions given on the different PPA pages on how to add the PPA of choice to your system.


  • Maintainer: Oliver Burger ( )
    • x2goclient: already present
    • x2goserver: work in progress

(Open-) SUSE

RedHat Enterprise Linux / CentOS


There are official Fedora rpms for x2goclient, x2goserver, and the pyhoca clients.

There is also:


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