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Archived X2Go Packages for Redhat Enterprise Linux and derivatives

This information is only intended for use with the X2Go repositories. If you use the official EPEL repositories, please refer to their documentation and infrastructure.

Alongside with the instructions on the main EPEL repository page, we provide a repository archive for archived X2Go EPEL packages for deprecated EPEL “releases”. These are provided in the state they were in after their last successful build. This repository is not updated at all, other than when a new EPEL release version is deprecated.

Adding the Archived X2Go Repository to your Package System

Download the .repo file and save it to the correct location:

wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/x2go-archives.repo \

For reference, the file will also be inlined here, with the original information being available on

Edit this file with your preferred editor.

$ editor /etc/yum.repos.d/x2go-archives.repo

Refer to the EPEL instructions regarding the naming scheme and what needs to be enabled.

Mirroring this Repository

The packages in this repository can be mirrored via rsync:

rsync -avP </dest/path/of/local/mirror/epel-archives>
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