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Join the X2Go Development Team

As you may understand, you have to go the path of apprenticeship when becoming an X2Go developer:

  1. Get a wiki account, while discovering X2Go, become aware of lacking documentation, doc-bugs, etc. → help us fixing those
  2. Checkout the pages in the development namespace of this wiki: development
  3. Make sure that you know how to use Git (VCS software), if you have questions contact me (Mike) on this list, Reinhard and Morty are also very familiar with Git issues
  4. Set up your local development workspace:
  5. Make sure you understand the code structure and the session ,,handshake'', study the code!!!
  6. Whenever you find a bug, an improvement, try to fix it, try to implement it. what you come up with → send it as a patch to the x2go-dev list for reviewing
  7. If your patches and ideas prove to be generic and community suitable (we cannot serve special use cases in X2Go upstream(!!!), the community version of X2Go aims to be generic and adaptable to local setups), then you may get write access to the code repository some time in the future
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