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GitLab server

Within X2Go we are running a GitLab server (currently work in process).

GitLab is a DevOps tool that not only include git repositories, but also issue tracking, wiki, pull requests and continuous integration & delivery pipelines (CI/CD).

We are using the open-source (FOSS) version.


Status: Ready for acceptance testing

Work packages

The following work packages are identified for the migration towards GitLab:

  1. Creating an top-level project in GitLab for X2Go
  2. Identifying the first git repo candidates for migration
  3. Migrating the fist repositories towards GitLab
  4. Setup first pipeline (GitLab Pipelines, CI/CD) for build/test
  5. Setup GitLab Issues ticking system on top-level organization (labels, kanban board/swim lanes, issue templates)
  6. User-acceptance testing
  7. Continue with migration of the remaining git repositories to GitLab (do not migrate already moved or deprecated git repo archives)
  8. Setup GitLab Pipelines for the remaining git repos
  9. Adapt wiki pages about the new GitLab server & WoW
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