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Getting X2Go

X2Go consist of several software components. The minimal requirement is X2Go Server (on the terminal server) and X2Go Client / PyHoca-GUI (on the client machine).

The minimal X2Go setup installs out of the box. But note that X2Go can be highly customized by a series X2Go add-on components.

If you are on Linux, all X2Go components (also X2Go Client and PyHoca-GUI) are available through the package repositories listed below. For X2Go Client and PyHoca-GUI there are extra download links for MS Windows™ and MacOS X™.

The Client-Side of X2Go

At the time of writing there are two client applications available for X2Go: X2Go Client (the native client), and Pyhoca-GUI (a Python based system tray applet for X2Go).

X2Go Client


The Server-Side of X2Go

X2Go Package Repositories for GNU/Linux

X2Go Sources

X2Go Live Demos

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