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The CVix SaaS Service in the Netherlands

Provided by Dick Kniep, CEO of Lindix (NL)

CVix is a system used in the Netherlands to administer information about persons who need care, or are unemployed.

The system is written in Python and wxPython. An interface to OpenOffice (now LibreOffice) provides the possibility to write standard documents filled with information from the database. An email interface provides the possibility to mail notes. Hours spent can be administered and invoiceing of services provided is included.

Our CVix client software (a customized and branded PyHoca-GUI) gives the possibility to start an application on the client based on the MIME type of the document sent to the client (MIME box). This provides the possibility to export information from the system and show this immediately in a spreadsheet. It also provides the possibility to use a local text editor if the user prefers that above using the central OpenOffice text editor.

A specialized installer for our (custommized PyHoca-GUI) client has been devised to include a key. This ensures that only bona fide users can logon.

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