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Professional X2Go Support

The companies listed below offer professional X2Go support. Companies appear in alphabetical order:

You can easily support X2Go Development. Simply click on the available Paypal®-Donate or®-Buttons below. If requested, as a donator you can receive a proper invoice for your transaction (for transactions via PayPal® of 100,–EUR and above).

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  • DAS-NETZWERKTEAM (Mike Gabriel – X2Go Release Manager)
    • Feature development of Python X2Go & co.
    • Feature development of X2Go Server
    • Feature development of X2Go Session Broker
    • Feature development of X2Go Thin Client Environment
    • Integration of X2Go into Ubuntu
    • Packaging X2Go for your favourite Linux distribution
    • General code maintenance via regularly paid support contracts
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  • Phoca GmbH (Oleksandr Shneyder – Project Founder)
    • Feature development of X2Go Client
    • Feature development of X2Go Server
    • Company-customized development of non-default X2Go Session Brokers
    • Feature development of X2Go Thin Client Environment
    • Maintenance / development of NX (redistributed)
    • Large scale X2Go deployments
  • (Heinz-M. Graesing – Project Founder)
    • X2Go Training and Workshops
    • Consulting
    • Best Practise Szenarios
    • X2Go Thin Client Environment Customizing
    • X2Go Deployment Automatization

Note: this wiki page is only editable by the wiki administrators. This is to assure that this list only contains qualified professional supporters. Please contact the X2Go Core Team if you feel you or your company should be listed here.

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