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Installing the Qt-based X2Go Client

MS Windows



Download latest x2goclient for Windows and install. Administrator rights required for a normal install.

:!: Versions prior to may have problems connecting to x2goserver if an antivirus product is installed on the client (even if it is disabled/inactive). If you cannot use or later, try using version 3.01-13.

The Windows installer is based on Nullsoft and thus can be called with “/S” (case-sensitive) to perform a silent installation.
To install X2GO Client without admin rights (and without a start menu entry or an entry in “add/remove programs”):
  1. Open the X2Go Client setup.exe in an archive manager such as 7-zip.
  2. Extract all the contents to a new folder of your choosing. Let's assume this folder is called “x2goclient”.
  3. Move the “pulse” and “VcXsrv” folders from under x2goclient\$_OUTDIR\ to directly under x2goclient\ .
  4. Delete the x2goclient\$PLUGINSDIR\ folder and the x2goclient\$_OUTDIR\ folder.
  5. Once finished, your main folder should have dozens of files directly in it, the “pulse” subfolder, and the “VcXsrv” subfolder.


Xquartz (required by X2Go Client)

:!: The X2Go Mac client uses the OSX X11 server which can be obtained from here.

  • The X11 server must be configured to accept remote sessions in its preferences.
  • One must also enable a root screen in X11 preferences if one wants truly full screen view in X2Go.
  • After installation of XQuartz, the user has to log off and log on again.
  • Read further hints here

:!: To make clipboard copy and paste - ⌘+V work normally use this one command:

echo "*VT100.translations: #override Meta <KeyPress> V: insert-selection(PRIMARY, CUT_BUFFER0) \n" > ~/.Xdefaults 

X2Go Client

Download X2Go for MacOS X™ and install the DMG image.

System Preferences Config

:!: To use print, local media sharing, and sound, one must also enable Remote Login in the System Preferences.

Ubuntu / Debian


X2Go Client is part of Ubuntu 12.04 & later, as well as Debian Wheezy & Jessie. Install it using the software center or by following command:

apt-get install x2goclient


The x2goclient package will install x2goclient on your GNU/Linux system and will make sure, that every needed package will be installed as dependency.

aptitude install x2goclient

You can now start X2Go Client by typing x2goclient at the command-line or you'll find it inside the “Internet” section of your menu inside your graphical desktop environment.

If your version does not include X2Go or you want to try that latest builds (it always takes some time until a new version arrives in the official repositories) you can add our repositories:


X2Go Client is part of Raspbian (Debian Wheezy for the Raspberry pi.) Install it using the following command:

apt-get install x2goclient


X2Go Client is part of Fedora 19 and later. Install it using the software installer or the following command:

yum install x2goclient


You need to add our repository to yum:

* Redhat GNU/Linux

GNU/Linux with installation from source tarball

The sources of this X2Go component are available as source tarballs.

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