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Desktop Environment Compatibility


X2Go's “X Server” is called “nxagent”. It is part of the nx-libs package.

As of version 3.5.0.x, nxagent is forked from the 6.9 codebase (from 2005.) Therefore, there are 3 reasons why certain modern “3d-ish” desktops are incompatible with nxagent, and threfore X2Go.

  • The desktop environment requires the X11 extension “Xcomposite”, which nxagent 3.5.0.x and 6.9 do not support.
  • The desktop environment requires a newer version of the X11 extension “GLX” (OpenGL) than nxagent 3.5.0.x and 6.9 provide.
  • The desktop environment checks for a specific physical graphics driver, but nxagent doesn't use physical graphics adapters/drivers.

Ultimately, addressing issues #1 and #2 requires a lot of work. Solutions are discussed here.

It is recommended to switch to using a compatible desktop environment if your desktop environment is listed below as incompatible.

Always Compatible and no Workarounds Required

  1. KDE
  2. LXDE
  3. XFCE
  4. MATE
MATE (the fork of GNOME2) is not included with certain distros, such as Ubuntu 12.04 and Ubuntu 14.04. You can however install it from on those 2 versions of Ubuntu and on other distros.
Ubuntu 14.04 includes some MATE packages, but not enough of them to provide the MATE desktop environment. See the above note about installing MATE on Ubuntu 14.04.
KDE Plasma 5 was released on 2014-07-15 and needs to be tested

Always Compatible, but Trivial Workarounds Required

  • IceWM

In X2Go Client, you must specify the Session Type as: Custom Desktop: icewm-session

  • OpenBox

In X2Go Client, You must specify the Session Type as: Custom Desktop: openbox-session

Compatibility and Workarounds depend on what version

  • GNOME 2: Compatible and no Workaround Required
  • GNOME 3.0 through 3.6: “GNOME Fallback Mode” must be installed. This is included with most, if not all distros.
  • GNOME 3.8: “GNOME Flasback Mode” 3.8.x must be installed. It is seldom included with distros. There are bugs with it. Using GNOME 3.8 with X2Go is not recommended.
  • GNOME 3.10: “GNOME Flasback Mode” 3.8.x may be compatible, but there are even more bugs with it. It is seldom included with distros. Using GNOME 3.10 with X2Go is not recommended.
  • GNOME 3.12 and later: TBD, but probably not compatible. Using GNOME 3.12 and later with X2Go is not recommended.
GNOME Classic Mode is not the same as GNOME fallback mode or GNOME Flashback mode. GNOME Classic Mode is not compatible with X2Go.
  1. Ubuntu 12.04: Compatible, as long as package “unity-2d” is installed. By default with “Ubuntu Desktop”, it is.
  2. Ubuntu 12.10 and later (including 14.04): Not compatible
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