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Communication Resources

X2Go is mainly organized via IRC and mailing lists. We use IRC in cases where we need quick feedback on specific issues. IRC is also a place where you can get community support from.

With the mailing lists, all content is public. The major (long term) discussions happen on the mailing lists. Also the dicussions from the bug tracker are cross-posted to one of the lists (x2go-dev ML). Before you can send to one of the X2Go mailing lists, you have to get a subscription. This is to avoid spam on the mailing lists.

If you want to ask a question or want to make suggestions, please feel free to show up on IRC or to join those lists you are interested in.

Before asking questions, it is always a good idea to have a look inside the archives of a list to see if a topic has already been discussed and a solution to your question been provided.

As there are already people on the list who may have spent a lot of time working on this project, please be kind and think about what you are going to write (Netiquette). Please keep in mind that our list archives are public and that they are visited by search engines!

Join us on IRC

The X2Go upstream runs its own IRC channel on Freenode. Join us in the #x2go channel on

/join #x2go

NOTE: Many of the upstream developers of X2Go live in Europe (CEST timezone). So if you are ,,from far away'' then make sure you hover around on IRC long enough for one us to get out of bed, have breakfast and answer your questions. You may have to ask your question on IRC and stay in the channel over (your) night and look for an answer the next morning.

Mailing Lists

  • x2go-announcement - this list is used for human-readable announcements (read only! no digests possible! very low traffic!)
  • x2go-user - this list is used for discussion about x2go, usage examples, user needs and collaboration
  • x2go-dev - this list is used for the conversation of x2go developers
  • x2go-commits - this list is used as a log of GIT and wiki commits (read only!)
  • x2go-tags - this list is used as a log of GIT tagging – mostly code get tagged in Git if/when a new version for a project is out (read only!)

Mail2News/Archive at Gmane

Nearly all mailing list postings are cross-posted to the Gmane mail archives. For more information on Gmane, please read here:

Web 2.0

The site is run by Tobias Luther from the German Linux4Africa project and especially aims at the German speaker people of the X2Go user community. Esp. those of you who prefer a forum-like website to using mailing lists and feel uncomfortable with writing/reading/discussing in English.

Tobias Luther will make sure to involve the developers / power users from the international community, so that synergies will be made.

Latest Postings on X2Go Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists for Users

Announcement List (x2go-announcement)

This List is addressed to Users - this list is a read-only list and it informs you about newly released X2Go components or other important issues related to X2Go.

Latest Postings...

Mailing Lists for Developers

Development List (x2go-dev)

This List is addressed to Developers - please don't use this list to ask questions about installation issues.

Latest Postings...

User List (x2go-user)

This List is addressed to Users - this list is the right place to ask questions about installation issues and needed documentation.

Latest Postings...

SCM Tags List (x2go-tags)

This List is addressed to developers and esp. to distribution packagers - the list is read-only, Git taggings are posted to this list. Packagers (people who package X2Go for Linux distributions) can get auto-informed about newly tagged versions in our X2Go Git upstream code repository.

Latest Postings...

SCM Commits List (x2go-commits)

This List is addressed to Developers - the list is read-only, Git commits and changes on X2Go wiki pages are posted to this list.

Latest Postings...

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