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X2Go - everywhere@home

New IRC Network

Due to a change in the Freenode ownership/admin team, X2Go has moved its channel #x2go to the Libera.Chat network. For details on how to join the new channel, please see here.

Even newer: Now also on [matrix]

Additionally to IRC, we have now opened a chat room on [matrix] ( The [matrix] chat room is bridged with our IRC channel on Libera.Chat. For details on how to join out [matrix] or IRC channel, please see here.

Get X2Go

Get Support

In need of a Remote Desktop/Remote Application solution, but not sure if X2Go suits your needs?
In a hurry to get things up and running? Still confused after reading our quick intro to X2Go?
If you're willing to spend some money in exchange for timely support, then check out our list of companies providing commercial support for X2Go!
Looking for free support instead? Subscribe to the the X2Go-User mailing list and ask our community volunteers for help!

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