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 <​code>​ <​code>​
-$ setup-x86.exe -P "​autoconf,​automake,​gcc-core,​gcc-g++,​git,​libX11-devel,​libjpeg-devel,​libpng-devel,​libmpfr4,​make,​zlib-devel,​wget,​libedit-devel,​libncurses-devel,​openssl-devel,​patch,​bashdb,​bash-completion,​chere,​colorgcc,​colordiff,​diffutils,​dos2unix,​cygcheck-dep,​cygutils-extra,​indent,​mc,​renameutils,​vim,​git-completion,​patchutils,​openssh,​xz,​unzip,​nano,​bzip2,​time"​+$ setup-x86.exe -P "​autoconf,​automake,​gcc-core,​gcc-g++,​git,​libX11-devel,​libjpeg-devel,​libpng-devel,​libmpfr4,​make,​zlib-devel,​wget,​libedit-devel,​libncurses-devel,​openssl-devel,​patch,​bashdb,​bash-completion,​chere,​colorgcc,​colordiff,​diffutils,​dos2unix,​cygcheck-dep,​cygutils-extra,​indent,​mc,​renameutils,​vim,​git-completion,​patchutils,​openssh,​xz,​unzip,​nano,​bzip2,​time,​mkfontdir,​mkfontscale"
 </​code>​ </​code>​
Line 292: Line 292:
   * ''​bzip2''​   * ''​bzip2''​
   * ''​time''​   * ''​time''​
 +  * ''​mkfontdir''​
 +  * ''​mkfontscale''​
 If you are doing official builds, install these **source** packages for both nxproxy and openssh: If you are doing official builds, install these **source** packages for both nxproxy and openssh:
Line 698: Line 700:
   * ''​COPYING.txt''​   * ''​COPYING.txt''​
 +=== x3270-fonts ====
 +For IBM x3270 compatibility,​ a special set of fonts is necessary. Official builds use the version shipped in the ''​x3270-fonts''​ subdirectory of x2goclient-contrib.
 +Note that versions prior to 3.6 are classified non-free by major distributions due to their custom, restrictive license. Do **not** use and (re-)distribute older versions than 3.6 with X2Go Client.
 +==== Updating x3270 Fonts Package ====
 +  * Check the current licensing situation. Do **not** update the package if it becomes non-free again.
 +  * Build the x3270 package, download a complete precompiled one or just fetch a binary fonts package. Debian conveniently offers one named [[https://​​sid/​xfonts-x3270-misc|xfonts-x3270-misc]].
 +  * Create a new versioned subdirectory in the ''​x3270-fonts''​ directory.
 +  * Extract the binary fonts.
 +  * Make sure that all binary font files are located in one single directory called ''​misc''​.
 +  * Get copyright and licensing information and place them into a file called ''​copyright-x3270-fonts''​. Debian'​s copyright file is very well suited for this, but please remove content that is not relevant to the fonts themselves.
 +  * Use Debian'​s ''​strip-nondeterminism''​ script:
 +$ find misc -iname '​*.gz'​ -exec strip-nondeterminism '​{}'​ ';'​
 +  * For official builds, create timestamps script:
 +$ cd ..
 +$ ../​ <​new-versions-directory>​
 +  * For official builds, call the timestamps script in x2goclient-contrib'​s top-directory script called ''​''​.
 +  * For official builds, update the [[https://​​gitweb?​p=x2goclient.git;​a=blob;​f=copy-deps-win32.bat;​hb=HEAD|copy-deps-win32.bat in x2goclient.git]] copying step to use the new directory.
 === PuTTY === === PuTTY ===
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