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 +====== Using X2Go's client-side printing feature ======
 +Before you can use the client-side printing feature in X2Go, you have to make sure X2Go Printing has been configured on the server.
 +===== X2Go Client =====
 +   - Run X2Go Client
 +   - Click on Settings (the wrench icon)
 +   - Select the Printing Tab
 +   - Select the "​Print"​ radio button to print from a printer or select the "View as PDF" radio button to view as a PDF. (The command '​evince'​ worked better for me than xpdf. xpdf wouldn'​t run for some reason, even after I installed it).
 +===== PyHoca-GUI =====
 +   - Run PyHoca-GUI
 +   - Right-click on the PyHoca icon in the desktop'​s system tray
 +   - Select "Print Options"​
 +   - Configure your favourite print job output (PDF viewer, directly printing to default printer, etc.)
 +===== Print Something =====
 +From within an X2Go session, simply print something (a web page, for example). The X2Go Server'​s print dialog box appears and it should of a Virtual X2Go Printer (the name of the printer can be arbitrary, ask you site administrator for the print queues name).
 +Send your print job to that Virtual X2Go Printer and wait for the print job to be processed by X2Go Client / PyHoca-GUI.
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