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 <WRAP round info> <WRAP round info>
-<menu col=1,​align=center,​caption="​X2Go ​kdrive ​descriptions and HOWTOs">​+<menu col=1,​align=center,​caption="​X2Go ​KDrive ​descriptions and HOWTOs">​
   <​item>​X2Go KDrive|Description and HOWTO|[[wiki:​advanced:​x2gokdrive:​start]]|{{:​wiki:​litte-phoca.png|}}</​item>​   <​item>​X2Go KDrive|Description and HOWTO|[[wiki:​advanced:​x2gokdrive:​start]]|{{:​wiki:​litte-phoca.png|}}</​item>​
 </​menu>​ </​menu>​
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