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 ===== Database Structure and Troubleshooting ===== ===== Database Structure and Troubleshooting =====
-In case it becomes ​necessary to edit the X2Go session database ​on the PostgreSQL ​server by handconnect ​to the DB with this command:+In hopefully rare cases it may become ​necessary to fix the X2Go session database ​via standard ​PostgreSQL ​tools (e.g. ''​psql''​). This should not happen and please please please report the issue [[wiki:​bugs|as a bug against the x2goserver]] X2Go component. Howeverif you are in the unlucky situation of having ​to fix up the session ​DB, then the below lines may render useful to you.
 ==== Connect to the database ==== ==== Connect to the database ====
 +In case it becomes necessary to edit the X2Go session database on the PostgreSQL server by hand, connect to the DB with this command:
 <​code>​ <​code>​
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