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 <WRAP round download>​ <WRAP round download>​
-  * Download ([[http://​​releases/​X2GoClient_latest_mswin32-setup.exe|mswin]],​ [[http://​​releases/​X2GoClient_latest_macosx_10_11.dmg|OS X 10.11 and higher DMG]] or [[http://​​releases/​X2GoClient_latest_macosx_10_13.dmg|OS X 10.13 and higher DMG]])+  * Download ([[http://​​releases/​X2GoClient_latest_mswin32-setup.exe|mswin]],​ [[http://​​releases/​X2GoClient_latest_macosx_10_11.dmg|OS X 10.11 and higher DMG]] or [[http://​​releases/​X2GoClient_latest_macosx_10_13.dmg|macOS 10.13 and higher DMG]])
   * [[doc:​installation:​x2goclient|Install X2Go Client]]   * [[doc:​installation:​x2goclient|Install X2Go Client]]
   * [[doc:​usage:​x2goclient|Use X2Go Client]] ​   * [[doc:​usage:​x2goclient|Use X2Go Client]] ​
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