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X2Go in Doctor's office: The Electronic Glovebox

Shared by Stefan Baur, ITCS-UG (Germany)

The Electronic Glovebox is a firewall system targetting at connecting a general practitioner's office to the internet without endangering the intranet machines. There is a high demand in medical contexts concerning data protection (as probably everyone can understand immediately).

The Electronic Glovebox combines a firewall system with a secluded X2Go Server inside. The X2Go Server on the Glovebox provides a minimal set of internet applications (browser, mail client, PDF Viewer and Open Office). Whereas internet access for intranet machines is completely blocked, the intranet machines can connect to an X2Go session on the Glovebox and this X2Go server than provides internet functionality.

X2Go Client uses the X2Go Published Applications feature for providing the applications to the user.

Please visit my site for further information and to view a screencast. Everything is in German only at the moment.

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