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 Note that every X2Go Client parameter not given here gets filled in from a [[http://​​gitweb?​p=x2gobroker.git;​a=blob;​f=x2gobroker/​|hard-coded default configuration]]. Note that every X2Go Client parameter not given here gets filled in from a [[http://​​gitweb?​p=x2gobroker.git;​a=blob;​f=x2gobroker/​|hard-coded default configuration]].
 +===== Special Broker Functionalities =====
 +Some options in the ''​x2gobroker-sessionprofiles.conf''​ file are used to tweak the broker itself. The options are:
 +==== Provisioning of SSH keys to X2Go Client / Servers ====
 +X2Go Session Broker normally requires two consecutive logins. One against the session broker, the second against the X2Go Server that the X2Go session will be launched on. The second login (SSH login against X2Go Server) can be automated via the session broker and its agent. For activation of this feature, the special session profile option ''​broker-session-autologin''​ has to be set to ''​true''​.
 +  * ''​broker-session-autologin'':​ send a private SSH key to X2Go Client that the client then internally uses for SSH pub/priv key based authentication. The X2Go Session Broker will send the SSH public key via the X2Go Session Broker Agent to the X2Go Server
 +  * ''​broker-authorized-keys''​ (optional, normally defaults are ok): full path to the server-side ''​authorized_keys''​ file (on the X2Go server)
 +If ''​broker-session-autologin''​ is activated, the session broker will create a temporary SSH pub/priv key pair, deploy the private key to X2Go Client and the public key to the X2Go Server that is targeted for X2Go session login.
 ===== Filtering through Access Control List ===== ===== Filtering through Access Control List =====
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 **Client ACLs:** **Client ACLs:**
-  * ''​acl-clients-allow = <​subnet-or-ip>,​ <​or-dns-hostname>​+  * ''​acl-clients-allow = <​subnet-or-ip>,​ <​or-dns-hostname>​''​
   * ''​acl-clients-deny = ALL''​   * ''​acl-clients-deny = ALL''​
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