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-====== X2go Web Server Statistics ======+====== X2Go Web Server Statistics ======
-For our servers we provide (for our own interest -- and maybe also for yours) web server statistics:+For our development server we create web server statistics. Only the people running the server '''' have access to X2Go web server statistics (URLs below will request authentication, if clicked):
-  * [[|]] +  * [[|]] 
-  * [[|]]+  * [[|]] 
 +  * [[|]] 
 +===== CA Certificate for https:// Access ===== 
 +The webserver statistics are only accessible via https. The CA certificate, however, is a self-signed CA. You can add it to your browser by clicking on this URL: 
 +===== Set Password for Web Server Statistics ===== 
 +The following information is only valuable to developers who can logon to '''' as user ''x2go-admin''
 +To set a web statistics password please perform the following steps: 
 +$ ssh -lx2go-admin -p32032 
 +$ cd /etc/awstats/ 
 +$ htpasswd htpasswd.awstats-x2go <new-username> 
 +After adding yourself to the password file you should be able to logon to the web statistics view frame.
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