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 <todo #​danger89:​2021-04-01>​Setup GitLab server</​todo>​ <todo #​danger89:​2021-04-01>​Setup GitLab server</​todo>​
-<todo #​danger89:​2021-04-01>​Creating an top-level project ​in [[https://​​x2go|GitLab for X2Go]]</​todo>​+<todo #​danger89:​2021-04-01>​Creating an top-level project ​for X2Go</​todo>​ ([[https://​​x2go|GitLab for X2Go]])
 <​todo>​Identifying the first git repo candidates for migration</​todo>​ <​todo>​Identifying the first git repo candidates for migration</​todo>​
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